1st BV: Aquilone in Cigar? Mad or rad?

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  1. Hi BV ladies- I normally lurk around the YSL and Bal forums but thought I'd get started with investing in my first BV.

    Please tell me if I've gone completely bonkers by NOT starting off with the classic woven bags and instead, starting with the Aquilone. I guess I fell in love with the style of the bag, for me personally I wasn't MADLY in love with the wovens..and I would be happy with just a small woven clutch and you would have to be madly in love to justify the $$$ being spent. But on the other hand, BV's classic bags are the woven bags. (sorry am not too familiar with the terms yet).

    Any thoughts? :smile:
  2. hi! i'm also new to bv so i don't know how much i can help but just to enable you if you'd like...i also fell in love with this style after seeing cckl's thread and the pics posted by lilndc and have ordered the cigar! it's only my second bv (although the first, the cervo hobo, isn't woven either)...
  3. Hi and welcome to BV! Congrats on your first BV!

    I haven't seen the Aquilone irl yet but the pics of it in Cigar look absolutely scrumptious. I think as long as you love it, any BV is a good start. Do post modelling pics!
  4. this bag does have that pretty woven detail down the front - very BV!!
  5. I am dying to see this bag, too!
  6. I was in the BV store in San Francisco last week when the sales staff were unwrapping and trying on the Aquilone. It's really a head turner, and what a great color!! So nice to see in this rainy weather we're having- it's also a very large bag IMO.

    I'm personally am a classic girl-one thing I think about when spending $$$ on a bag is if I will still like the style in years to come. However, if funds are not an issue, sure go for something fun and fresh!
  7. That sums it up.
    You should start with the bag that you love, any BV has exquisite leather and craftsmanship
    It might be good thing not to start with a woven handbag
    I personally started with woven BV and I am unable to buy anything else :amuse:
    I even buy woven exotics :nuts:
  8. Buy what you love, welcome to the club, can't wait to see pics.
  9. Definitely buy what you love. Personally, one of my favorite BV's is the Cervo Hobo and it's actually one of the lesser priced bags. I keep thinking about a Cabat or Maxi Veneta in ebano, but then I look at the Cervo and drool a little.
  10. Buy what you love. you will be satisfied and happy.. can't wait to see

    your pics.. and just so you know, BV is just top notch.. quality, design, workmanship,

    colors.. the best of the best..enjoy!!
  11. I think the Aquilone in Cigar is a beautiful bag in the pics. I'm waiting for the Yolk color to come in to drive to the city to see it. Woven or not, if you love it it's a great first BV. Can't wait to see what you decide. :biggrin:
  12. Just curious - can someone post a picture of the style? I never heard of it. TIA.
  13. i just got the cigar and i am truly in love, i am actually a little embarrassed i am so crazy about a bag! (well i am obviously crazy about bags, but i mean i really, really, really love this bag)! obviously everyone has different style but i definitely encourage you to check it out if you're at all tempted. i think i might be madly in love! :blush:

    eta...bgaholic, i just posted a pic in the reference section but you can also try a search, there are awesome photos in a reveal thread "new aquilone in orchid" as well as i think maybe the spring/summer 2010 sticky?
  14. Nevermind!
  15. Go for it!

    I'm with you, the signature weave gets old after a while. A little of it goes a long way. I have 2 woven bags and I doubt I'll ever pick up another.

    But some of the non-wovens take my breath away! I love the cervo hobo and the aquilone.