1st Burberry bag Reveal!

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  1. Last week my mother bought me my first Burberry bag. I had wanted this bag for so long and finally got it as a 'get well' present.

    Sorry about bad camera quality, took with with my webcam.

    Here it is! :smile:

    Medium Nova Check Tote
    Snapshot_20120923.JPG Snapshot_20120923_1.JPG Snapshot_20120923_2.JPG Snapshot_20120923_4.JPG
  2. Cute! enjoy!!
  3. Nice! Its a versatile bag!
  4. I been looking for this bag! May I ask where it was it was purchased!
  5. I bought it from David Jones, which is a department store in Australia that stock certain designer brands. I am fairly certain they are no longer selling this design right now. It used to be on the Burberry website, but is no longer there.
  6. lovely classic tote, congrats 8)
  7. Congrats, on your 1st! Very nice!
  8. Great first bag! Congrats!
  9. congrats, my wife would love one of those.
  10. Classic Burberry, great first purchase.
  11. Nice one!...You're lucky to get this one...The design is gone