1st Bbag...Part 2 dilemma.. please advise...http://forum.purseblog.com/images/smilies

  1. Thanks for the advice on my previous thread...
    Part time is the way to go... but which colour.:confused1:
    Seen other local stockist and they Violet GSH and Steel in GSH... Oh there is too much choice...
    My gut says Steel as will go with everything but worry is that Violet will be hard to find if i dont get this, I'm loving the violet very much. Maybe shall i wait to get Violet in City... What does everyone think..
    Please help ASAP... want to get my Bbag:p
  2. I love my Violet as the color is sooo versatile...However, my honest opinion, you should go with the bag that you really love the most and works with your style and colors you usually wear.
  3. Good advice gallica :tup: At the end of the day, it all boils down to you. What will you be most comforable with? IMHO, you can't go wrong with either...or both :yes:
  4. LIFE IS SHORT!!!!! GET BOTH!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. That is another good suggestion, girl :graucho::wlae:
  6. I like steel, but violet is so fresh and unusual. I say go for violet!
  7. go steel! hehehe!
  8. Thanks for all your messages.. Is the Violet a sought after colour? Will the Steel colour always be available? I'm just worried that if i don't get Violet it be discontinued and I'll be kicking myself.
    ahhhh... Steel is a safer bet, but Looking at all the photos of members bags in Violet is calling me name... Mind you please don't be surprised if i come home with both of them... hehehee. :pThe bug has finally bitten me and i know it's just the beginning..Will let you all know. Thanks so much..
  9. :yes:
    Well as far as colors being discontinued they both will be. Colors only come out once in a collection, so the production of Steel and Violet is over. I to say go with what you'll love and be able to use the most. I also think that the Violet can go with many things. It is not so vibrant that it's use will be limited, and I personally don't have any trouble pairing up my vibrant bags with all of my wardrobe, even black!