1st Bbag... Hope I picked a good one.

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  1. I purchased a black Balenciaga City today. I'm glad there were 3 black ones to choose from. One of them was too flat (matte looking), like the leather had no texture. The other one I thought was a little too shiny. It almost looked metallic. The one I chose I believe has a nice texture to it and is not too flat, not too shiny. I think I made a good choice. What do you think... did I get a good one? lol

    I got it from Neiman Marcus. Do they usually give you a Balenciaga box? I only got the dustbag.

    Also, I asked which season it was from and the SA didn't know for sure. Is there a way to tell which season it's from?


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  2. :tup:The leather looks yummy! I think you picked are great first Bal! Looks like it will break in nicely! It should have come with cards/tags and the year is on those... HTH! Congrats on your first of what I am sure will be many!
  3. Congrats on your first bal! Black city is the perfect choice! Hope you love yours as much as I love mine. :biggrin:
  4. Thank you scoobiesmomma! Yes, it did come with all the tags and cards. I just looked and on the left hand corner of one of the cards it says 2010 along with other numbers. I guess that must be it. Thanks again! :smile:

    Thank you casper7, I love it already!

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  5. Nice purchase! Congratulations~
  6. that's a great first!! I'm hoping to get my first soon as well. congrats designer307!! :yahoo:
  7. What a wonderful starter Balenciaga! :tup: Since the paper tags sayd "2010 1" that means it's from the spring/summer season of 2010. The leather is lovely...looks like you picked a good babe! :kiss:
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. It's beautiful! The leather looks GREAT! You are lucky you got to choose over the leather you want :balloon:
  10. Other than a Black RH City, I cannot think of a better one as the Bal starter. Congratulation! Black RH City is classic and forever.
  11. Congrats! This is a really nice black RH City and totally agree with other poster, this is a perfect 1st Bal!!! Enjoy:yahoo:

  12. It's gorgeous and a perfect first Bbag.
    Many congrats and enjoy it!

  14. L&M........... I'm so glad to see you here, my little friend... :hugs: A black Balenciaga for a first Bag is a wonderful idea. :tup: Keep that thought in mind............but, wait until you see pictures of all the other colors. You'll be so confused! :confused1: This bag is the same size as my yellow one.........The City! There's one a size smaller, called the "First". Hopefully, someone will post a picture of one, and you'll be able to see the difference. I'm keeping my eye on you! :nuts:
  15. Many Congrats!!!
    She's beautiful.
    I want one so bad.:P