1st Bbag! :D Pale magenta ?

  1. My dad got me my very first balenciaga from Balsg today!! :biggrin:
    I liked the city size the most so I wanted to get a city.
    But they only had 3 colours in the city size. ):
    The SA claimed that the one I bought was bubblegum pink which really looked like bubblegum pink in the shop but i think it was the lighting.
    When I brought it out, it looked like pale magenta!
    But I still love it. :heart: haha.

    Here it is! (:
    With flash it looks like bubblegum pink.
    Without flash it looks like pale magenta!

    So what colour do you think it is?
  2. its definitely a very pretty bubble gum pink! You're a very lucky gal with a fantastic dad! CONGRATS!
  3. Congrats! It looks great on you!
  4. CONGRATS~~ it looks like a BG to me!
  5. oh congratulations!
    it's a lovely bubble gum bag and i hope you enjoy it for a very long time.
    props to dads!:tup:
  6. It is definitely a BG!!! Congrats!!! We are BG cities twins. :drinkup:

    BG05 is a paler pink. BG08 is a deeper darker pink & very close to Pale Magenta but latter's leather is very distinctively marbled. Even the faintest ones you can still see the veins.
  7. It is a beautiful bubblegum pink! What a wonderful dad you have! Enjoy your beautiful pink bag....
  8. Congrats.Soooo lovely BG pink. Now,i put it in my wish lists.555555
  9. Lucky girl! Congrats on your first bbag, it won't be the last!

    It's definitely an 08 Bubblegum. The 08 Magenta while looking very pink, does have purple to it.
  10. Love it, a beautiful bubblegum pink! Congrats!!!!
  11. Definitely Bubblegum, and it's gorgeous!! The leather looks so soft and smooth!! Congratulations on your first bbag!!
  12. congrats! pinkboudoir and jo_ee are right about the characteristics of pale magenta.
  13. CONGRATS:woohoo: on your amazing and gentle baby:heart:!!Your dad is heroic:choochoo:!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats ... it's gorgeous! And great leather too.
  15. def gorgeous bubblegum ~ :love: ~ congrats!