1st Balenciaga bag... no idea what it's called

  1. Hi guys :smile: Crossing over from the chanel forum :biggrin:

    Finally a style that I like besides the motorcycle bags :p No idea what this is, but like YAY finally something to break my chanel obsession.

    It comes in turqoise as well, and in brown. Has a smaller size too.

    Pictures aren't the exact colour, but it is really gorgeous.
    parisisLOVE! - 143.jpg parisisLOVE! - 144.jpg parisisLOVE! - 145.jpg parisisLOVE! - 146.jpg parisisLOVE! - 147.jpg
  2. Congrats on your 1st Balenciaga! It's gorgeous and unique :yahoo:
  3. Congrats! I don't know the name of it, but it is definitely gorgeous and looks great on you! I really like the two-tone thing it's got goin' on, and the leather looks wonderfully scrumptious!
  4. Yes your leather is just divine - congrats!
  5. ooooh... I didnt know that Balenciaga makes a bag like that! very different and unique indeed! CONGRATS and welcome to the Bbag forum!
  6. ooooh I love it! I need to see that IRL :drool:
  7. :nuts:

    congrats on your bag kis! it looks great on you!!

    i was considering this style for a while...it's really gorgeous...
    i think the official name is the envelope bag...
    and they're doing for f/w in new color combinations...
    they have them at neiman's in sf...
  8. This is really a unique and amazing bag Kis...enjoy your first Bal!
  9. I love this style; I checked out the smaller version in BalNY and loved the closure on it! It's very sophisticated, simple, and modern.
  10. Congrats! Although the moto styles are by far the most popular, it's great that your introduction was through a non-moto style (mine was too).