1st Bal To Go w/ LV

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  1. So I went from Coach to LV which has been amazing... loves it! ;) But I've been thinking about branching into other brands and I really love some of the Balenciaga items, but I can't really see them in person so I'm having a lot of trouble just finding a starting point with a good item. I'm thinking I want to start out with something small like a Coin Purse... small wallet (Mini Money looks cute??)... or any other suggestions from pros??

    The LV bags I have now are both the Damier (brown) so if I get an accessory I kind of want a color to "go" with it... or do you think any color would be good? TIA!!

    PS I've already got a zippy coin purse from LV, but it's graffiti so I wanted something to trade it out with occasionally to expand it's life and I have a small cosmetic bag from Coach that looks kind of raggity that I'm looking to replace as well.
  2. How about a NOIX pencil? Noix is a great brown color so it'll match your bags and you can use the pencil as a clutch or a makeup bag.
  3. I am currently a LV convert to BAl. I love to add bright colors to my Batagnolles Horiz, bucket, Damier Neverfull MM. Currenlty have a sang SSH Coin, Poupre Pencil and am waiting for a Papeete GSH Coin. you could try a sahara Coin or pencil, if you do not want to stray from the Damier. You could always go black, but hey go for sorbet to brighten your day :smile:
  4. I would totally go with some bright colored accessories! Every color looks good with Damier! My favorite accessories are the Money Wallet, Makeup, and Coin Purse.
  5. A Pencil would be a great little thing to start with. Or any of the other accessories for that matter. I would go for bright colours.
  6. I would get a makeup, pencil or mini money/money wallet to start out. Something in a bright color would be fun to use inside of your LV bags.
  7. Thanks! I'm eye-ing the pom. & grape colors. Love both! I also like the bright pink... It would look good with all my other pink crap. :smile: I'm thinking of getting the large coin. After seeing what is in everyone's bags, it looks like they are good size & will be pretty handy. I might have to look further into the pencil though...
  8. something bright and fun to spice up that lv.
  9. Sounds like you have the right idea! But you may find yourself wanting more.....:>)
  10. Hey! I'm converting too:graucho: I'm getting a Giant porte monnaie (large coin purse) in Olive which will go really well with my Monogramouflage speedy, plus I also think it will look really nice with ivorie epi, very neutral, so will go with a lot. A pencil is an awesome bal piece and is on my list... The Giant coin purse is 6" by 4.5, so it will be a nice little inside a big bag piece to keep all kinds of stuff in... I can see a little collection of these starting...:smile: Good luck! I would love sorbet inside damier ebene!
  11. Sorbet is super pretty! Maybe I'll go with that. I have a feeling I'll also start a collection of those coin purses. They seem just the right size and multi-functional. I haven't really seen any make-up cases... I think there were a few in a thread here. The leather just looks so amazing I have a feeling I won't be able to stop once I get one! :smile: I've never seen or felt any of it in person so that's why I'm kind of aiming for small stuff first and then maybe a bag some day. :smile:
  12. A coin purse is a great start. And sorbet is such a beautiful saturated pink. A MU (makeup) is also a great item to have in your purse. Pick a different bright color for each... it's so much fun since BAL has so many fabulous colors :biggrin:.
  13. I don't see the make-up bags online... can you call a store and see what they have? The more I see what's in everyone's bag, I'm def deciding between the giant coin and the make-up bags. Both are great. Then a wallet... uh-oh, this sounds like an another LV addiction! :smile: The leather on Balenciaga just seems so buttery and amazing! I don't think I'll be able to resist for much longer...