1st Bal... Is Raisin PT gold ghw a good choice?

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  1. Hello.
    I am thinking to get my first Balenciaga bag.
    I like a bag which can be carried over the shoulder and PT gold ghw is the style I will go with.
    After browsing through the reference thread, I think raisin is an unique color to own.
    How do you think?
    Any suggestions of possible style or color?

    Please post your 2010 raisin color pics if you have any!
    Thanks for your opinion.:biggrin:
  2. I think Raisin GGH Part Time is one of the best combos in 2009 (BTW, Raisin is 2009 color, not 2010 color). Here I am borrowing a photo from Missty4. This is her Raisin GGH Work.

  3. Thank you, HandbagAngle.
    The pic looks nice and appreciated your help!

  4. Fabulous choice!!!!
  5. Love Raisin! It'd be perfect for your first Bal :smile:
  6. Raisin GGH is a beautiful combination in any style of bag IMO. ;)
  7. I love the Raisin color. It is such a beautiful color.
  8. I love this handbag, don't know if I would choose the RGH though. I like the covered or silver hardware...but it is gorgeous!
  9. I love Raisin too, but I prefer the SGH combo for me.
  10. Another Raisin fan here!
  11. Thank you all for the opinion.
    Seems like Raisin is a nice color.

    However, the one I am going to purcahse have some minor scratches (according to the seller). Is that normal? Pls see pic... :confused1:

  12. I think it's perfect because I'm trying to find that combo for myself! :smile:
  13. Love Raisin with GGH. Gorgeous color.
  14. Here is the scratch pic...

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  15. it is beautiful, if you love it GO for it :tup: