1st bag purchase instant reveal / mod shots - Lindy 30

Feb 8, 2009
Happily joining this forum - presenting my 1st Hermes bag - Lindy 30. I called the boutique early this week to make an appointment - I am new to Hermes and it's going to be my first time stepping into a boutique in my area. Met my SA today, and I asked to see Halzans, Lindys, 24/24 and Toolbox. They have Halzans, and 24/24, but they didn't sing my heart. SA also bought out this brand new (still in the sealed box) Lindy 30, and I love the leather color and gold hardware combo (I am still trying to learn all these colors and leather names). I am feeling that my journey with Hermes officially begins, and will continue from here on :smile:
Lindy 2.jpg LIndy 3.jpg Lindy 4.jpg Lindy 5.jpg