1st baby were you early, on time or late?

  1. I am expecting my first baby Xmas Eve and i really hope it is here in time for Xmas , just wondering whether when you had your first you were early, on time or late? Not that it will make a difference to when my little bundle decides to make an appearance but interesting never the less :smile: Also i have heard if you are due in the winter months you are more likely to be early?
  2. Ours was 3 weeks early!
  3. I was about a week late......Nov.27th turned into December 3

  4. my son's due date was 12/31, birthday was 1/7 (summer time in australia). exactly a week late and i was induced btw, the contraction pain was too annoying and i couldnt get a good sleep for more than a week.
  5. i went to my OBGYN on the date of my EDD and he induced me that day so my son was born on time. but without the induction, he would be late..
  6. Mine came on the first day of the 37th week.
  7. Baby #1 came one week early. Baby #2 was induced and came one day shy of 40 weeks.
  8. Baby #1 was one week late, then they had to induce because he was getting to big.

    Baby #2 was induced on the 38th week.
  9. my first baby was 2weeks early
  10. first one 10 days late
  11. my first baby was a week early. :smile:
  12. for number one was induced on a thurs but was due monday of that week. for number two, again, to be induced on a thurs but waters broke midnight on tues.
  13. First baby was 2 weeks early and 2nd was induced at 35 weeks.
  14. First was 10 days early (natural), second was 11 days early (natural).

    ETA: My Mom had me two weeks early (induced) because the doctor didn't want to have any babies born on Christmas. (I was due between 12/21 and 12/27)

    DH was due 12/25 and he was born 1/7 when his mom went into labor on her own.
  15. all my kids would be late if we didn't "take them".
    We could tell my 1st baby {DD} was getting bigger than I could birth, so we induced on her due date, but it was a tough induction, she WAS NOT ready! LOL!
    Same w/ the twins. Twins are considered term at 37-38 weeks and we took them cesarean the last day of my 37th week and I was NOT budging, no softening, dilating, etc. . . .