1st (and 2nd) Mulberry!

  1. After much perusing online I finally battled (literally) the sales and got myself my first Mulberry :smile: closely followed by my 2nd!
    I'm so happy with both!
  2. Trying to resize the pics!
  3. Whoop congrats on your first mulberries! Can't wait to see them!
  4. My first 2 babies :smile:
    pic 1.JPG
  5. The first one I queued at 8am at Selfridges for on boxing day (1st and last time I do that!)
    Pic 3.JPG
  6. That's a gorgeous bag!!
  7. Second one I bought online after seeing another on here and I rushed to get it myself as an everyday bag :smile:
    Pic 2.JPG
  8. Here is my 1st family Mulberry pic. Hope to add lots more new members to the family over the coming months (or as DH says years:smile:
    Hope you enjoyed my 1st ever reveal as much as I did ;););)
    Pic 4.JPG
  9. Gorgeous!!! Especially the lexi. Enjoy!!!
  10. They are both gorgeous, I never fancied the Clippers but as I see people revealing them I keep hinking I want to add one to my wishlist, but I'm trying to be good :roflmfao:

    I have to say, you were very brave going to Selfridges on boxing day, it looked like carnage there
  11. Thanks, Selfridges was ridiculous (Manchester city centre) I just walked in casually and realised everyone had grabbed about 10 bags!!! I stalked people who had lots and luckily someone put the Alexa down. It was nearly a wasted trip!
  12. Eek I went to the bham selfridges in the summer and it was the same. Lots and lots of people had multiple bags being toted on their arm! What was the reduction on the alexa?
  13. I love the leopard print. Congrats!
  14. Congrats on both bags. I love the minky Alexa and personally was the best looking bag from last season IMO.
  15. I think it was £995 reduced to £650 which I was very happy with and I could buy the clipper because it was practically BOGOF!!!;)