1sr Reveal YSL Monogram Bag

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  1. Hi Gurl!!!!
    I Find this amazing piece on sale this morning in Milan and i want to share it with u!!!!
    From 1700 euro to 1180 euro!!! Amazing price!!! I'm so happy! I love this color !!!! :heart: 26905552_1752476578119788_1936436461_o.jpg 26938225_1752476501453129_567576349_o.jpg 26906251_1752483388119107_1689328777_o.jpg 26937642_1752483288119117_1059993961_o.jpg 26937803_1752483261452453_1666499646_o.jpg 26906431_1752476404786472_1329388924_o.jpg
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  2. Congratulations. I LOVE to see people venture out of the typical handbag colors. I have the same bag, larger in black and same hardware.
  3. Amazing color. Great choice. Enjoy her
  4. Thank u :heart:!!!!! I Think that this color ,also on an Jeans and a simply white shirt , would be amazing!!! I've a lot of black / brown bag!!!! I need something more flashy!!!! :nuts:
  5. Thank u!!!! :heart:
  6. Beautiful bag. The leather on this bag is amazing, soft yet sturdy. Congrats and enjoy this beauty!
  7. Thank u! The SA told me that is very delicate so to be very gentle!!! Anyway is very soft and the inside of the bag is amazing!!! Nonetheless the color change a lot with the light , from an electric blue to a dark blue!!!
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