1of 2 My Collection-this is crazy...since December

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  1. Too many to attach in one post. :nuts: Sending in 2 posts.






  2. Beautiful!!
  3. Thank you. Crazy, huh?
  4. the first 2 are my favs so far
  5. Nobody is going to call you crazy in HERE, LOL. Your bags are all varied - different colors, different styles, all very nice. When you have 47 black bags, THEN we may do an intervention.....
  6. you've got some great peices.
  7. Thank you. I put them in the order purchased. The first one, leather Maggie, was a Christmas gift from DH.

    He also gave me the raspberry zip around wallet and wristlet to match and the scarf.

    Great guy!
  8. That's what I tried to do. Oh, I still might need an intervention.:nuts:
  9. Thank you. I don't know what the names of half of them though. Everyone talks about the different names, but I'm clueless.
  10. NICE!
    I like them ALL
  11. Very Nice, I like them all.
  12. Very nice! Love it!
  13. Thank you all for your positive replies. :biggrin: Sweet!
  14. We don't call it crazy - we call it productive!
    Nice bags!!
  15. great stuff girl! i know the SA's love you lol