1K over MSRP - Crazy!!

  1. Unfortunately, there alot of people out there who can only access LV via eBay, especially if they live in remote places or there is no local store....I think this is how some sellers are able to give these items exorbitant mark-ups, and basically make a profit using someones disadvantage. For the most part, people are usually smart when it comes to knowing about the retail of LV items, especially LV lvoers....
  2. You're right - some people don't have good "LV accessibility".

    I totally disagree with the listing that says it "hard to find" - I was at Saks and LV on Rodeo yesterday and I saw tons.
  3. Yeah, I wouldn't pay that, especially when the stock photo is the only photo they can offer.
  4. Ya - i think the real issue here is that they don't show pictures of the actual bag - I doubt if a buyer would even get anything after they paid.
  5. I know..talk about crazy.. greedy bastards... :yucky::hrmm: I saw one seller, she/he overprized speedy Mirage over $3,000 grand... wtf????? the bag is not even sold out yet...these crazy people.... :cursing:
  6. That is crazy --- especially considering there aren't any photos!!! Someone would have to be pretty uninformed on eBay and LV to buy a bag, for that price, on eBay, with no photos!!!!!
  7. I contacted the seller for pics and he/she said tha he ordered the bag from eluxury and it haqsn't even arrived yet - so when it does he'll show pics -- weird.
  8. ^Ok weird. Even if you WERE interested, why would say he got it from eluxury? Anyone can look it up and see what the actual retail is and decide to buy from there instead. AND why would he be selling something he doesn't have in hand right now?
    This is really fishy. :s
  9. I bet you he is going to buy the bag and something else AFTER he sells it on Ebay. Then give a lame excuse for late shi[pment
  10. I can understand paying over retail for a bag that is a LE and you really want it! But this is crazy!
  11. I think the seller is a scam artist...:wacko::wacko:
  12. Obviously it's a scam.