>$1K on Bbags...So, what wouldn't you spend that kind of money on?

  1. There once was a time that I drooled over Bbags, well, any bag actually. I was 16 at the time I discovered couture bags and of course I had no money. Now that I am older and wiser (LOL), I obviously earn a lot more than I did back then. Now I wouldn't think twice about spending >$1K on a Balenciaga bag.

    However, I understand there are many people out there who would consider me insane spending that much on a bag :cursing:

    What do you think is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on something?

    For me it's expensive shoes. You see, you wear them on your feet (that's bad enough), then they get smashed around on uneven cobble stones on the sidewalk! I always get my kitten heels stuck in gaps in the pavement. I would break down into tears if my kitten heels had a $800 price tag and that happened to them.

    I just don't understand expensive shoes...Anyone else?
  2. Honestly, nothing.

    I understand wanting to spend good money on something you like and are interested in - be they bags, shoes, food, cars or even golf clubs.

    I think as long as the person spending the money is not borrowing to fund his habit, on the verge of bankruptcy, or neglecting other responsibilities in life (eg: feeding your kids etc), the sky's the limit for what you wanna spend on :p
  3. I'm right with ya, pyrexia!

    I am guilty of splurging on shoes(I LOVE Manolos, Louboutins, and Choos:heart: )so I certainly am not the one to criticize anyone!....though I don't wear any of my stilettos since I move to Sydney from NYC. Now I live in ballet flats and flip flops:wtf: If you'd told me that I'd be doing that a year ago, I'd have laughed at ya, but hey, somehow stilettos aren't *right* for the relaxed atmosphere in Sydney. Well, I'll be living in my stilettos again once I move back home to NYC:heart:

    Back to the topic, I really have nothing against spending big cash on luxury goods...whether they're clothes, shoes, bags, food, cars, furniture, house appliances, electronics, jewelry....anything. as long as you can afford those, obviously.

    Oh, hang on. The only things I think it's ridiculous to spend loads of money on are designer baby clothes just because babies grow out of clothes so fast that you have to renew all the clothes in a month or two.
  4. i agree with you tootsies...
    spending hundreds of dollars on baby clothes is ridiculous...

    i think the only pieces of clothing i think i wouldn't spend alot on are t-shirts and jeans...
    i don't see the point of spending $500 on a pair of jeans...
  5. LOL I'm the one who spending more than $500 on a pair of jeans .... and I have a lot of jeans.
    I wear jeans almost everyday that why I need a really nice jeans ....
    But I won't spend a lot on t-shirts, shirt and tank top (except jacket :biggrin:, you can spend a lot on jacket .. like chanel, it's the best)
  6. I am glad to hear that you had the same experience I had when I came here, Tooshies:heart:- I used to dress very chic and now I'm a lot more casual chic. But, just like you, I will dress the way I used to again when I move back:yes:

    I agree, Pyrexia! I also think that others should not judge you for your own spendings as long as it does not affect them and/or you negatively!:yes:
  7. The only other thing I'd spend $995+ on would be my two dogs.

    I wear Havaianas flip-flops everyday, so no, i also don't get expensive shoes, but maybe I'm biased :p I wear Seven, CoH & True Religion jeans, but I bought most with coupons, on sale or at more than 50% off at Nordie's Rack. Alot of my other clothes come from Old Navy, Hollister outlet, Urban Outfitters (mostly sales) & Target. I don't want to spend alot on one item of clothing knowing that cheaper stuff will do - I know from experience that expensive clothing doesn't equal greater quality & vice-versa.
  8. I like your style Verty! Come to think of it, I don't see the value in designer baby clothes either (he he)
  9. Besides splurging on designer bags, i used to spend on clothing (any designer brands that looks gd on me), jeans (tsubi which i got five of them, crazy right and now i seldom go the chance to wear) and shoes (but i haven't really spent more than USD300 so far)...but i'm into havianas flip-flops which i love to buy every color to match my clothings......but i don't agree to splurge on expensive clothings for baby/kids as they tends to outgrow really fast....:cutesy:
  10. My gripe wld be shoes...coz I go thru them like trucks...ekekeke.. so no point in getting expensive shoes...
    The other wld be clothes esp t-shirts/tops... not for something tt simple...
  11. To me, the only thing NOT worth spending alot of money on is something I won't use alot. :shrugs: I think it makes more sense to spend $300.00 on a great fitting pair of jeans that I will wear to death than a special occasion dress I will wear once. I think if you calculate the cost of something by cost per wear as opposed to overall cost it makes alot more sense. :yes:
  12. Purse-ooooh, I agree!
  13. I completely agree, too, Purse-Ooooh and KDC!:yes:
  14. i would spend on bags and watches .. maybe clothes if i had a special occassion and i must have something special .. shoes .. only if they are classic ...
  15. I wish i could spend even 1K, my biggest dream would be to own a Balenciaga bag, i just cant afford it now or ever it seems.:censor: