19S iridescent bag owners - how is it wearing with usage?

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  1. Ive been after the XL card holder for a long time since I’ve been holding out for the right color.
    Ideally wanted a normal black caviar but my SA just texted me this.
    Iridescent black caviar from 19S with the back pocket.
    I’ve heard some people mention that the iridescent caviar isn’t as durable for everyday.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?
    I’m not sure if I should grab this wallet finally or wait until regular black with pocket is available.

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  2. I like the iridescent caviars that Chanel puts out in other colours like pink, blue, etc but just not in Black. Personally I think it makes the caviar quality look cheap as it makes it have a grey sheen over it. Just doesn’t look good in my opinion. I’d wait for a classic black caviar but again, it’s my personal opinion.
  3. It looks cool! :smile: But I think I would prefer the classic black version.
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  4. Yea, me too. I think it’s interesting but I think the classic looks so nice.
    I’m just worried that it won’t be brought back in this style in the classic black.
    Maybe I’ll just wait it out and see.
  5. I think I agree with you, I’m more in love with the style than the color.
    Which has been the case for a while, I’ve found a red one, blue, etc and can’t fall in love with them like the classic black.
  6. Oh I see what you mean. I really don’t know enough about this particular product. Whichever you end up buying, it will be fabulous!
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  7. Thank you! :smile:
  8. I'm looking into possibly buying an SLG in the iridescent beige or dark blue color, but I'm wondering how the color holds up, especially with SLGs that get tossed around and shifted/rubbed inside a bag. Does the iridescence fade/rub off? Could anyone that owns an iridescent SLG from the current/recent season that has had a chance to use it for a while please provide feedback? TIA!
  9. I was wondering the same thing!
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  10. Let's hope someone has used theirs long enough to provide feedback. I'm also hoping someone will comment on color transfer as well. We shall see....
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  11. Color transfer is inevitable with any lightly colored bag.

    I own two that are iridescent (previous seasons, 17B and 12P) and they have the usual wear and tear that caviar leathers do.

    The difference (from what I understand) is that the coating can’t be repaired. So if it scuffs off of a part of the bag, it’s gone for good.

    Someone else please jump in here if I am totally off base...
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  12. Thank you for the input! Good info regarding the coating not being repairable.
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  13. I’m curious on how the 19s iridescent caviar leather is holding up after a few months? I may pull the trigger and purchase a blue WOC from fashionphile (I know it is marked up...but I love the color so much and I carry WOCs every weekend). I’ve seen reviews that the leather is very thin and may be of lower quality. Are people happy overall? I would love to hear after a few months how people feel about their 19s iridescent bags,! Thank you :smile:
  14. I bought a small classic flap in iridescent blue April 1st, and I have no concerns so far. It looks as fabulous as it did on day 1 :biggrin:
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  15. Thank you for your response! Is the leather wrinkly at all?