19S Chanel classic flap? Has anyone got one already?

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  1. How’s the caviar?
  2. The worst batch 27 ever.... save time money and headache. I beg you please!
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  3. 19s isnt out until march/april? :confused1: Have you seen the upcoming collection?
  4. Hmmm.. I got one in January batch 27 (sa said it's 2019).
  5. Why the worst?
    I got #27 also in January
  6. I think 19S is the collection coming in march/april, the one from november/december is called 19P I think? But i could be wrong :huh:
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  7. I checked 8 bags from this batch all has issues where the flap meets the bag.. leather are ripped, maybe due to stitching.
  8. Classic caviar is permanent or revolving. It doesn't have a season.
  9. I got one the first of this month, 27 series at new bond street
    For mine, no ripped leather, no loose stitching, flap doesn’t crease much when opened. I made a checklist of flaws to look out for and it passed the test.
    Just note that this batch of leather isn’t the shiniest, puffiest, or softest. Good news is it should hold its shape super well.
  10. Hi. Just wondering if your classic flap has a “no mark” zipper in it? I’ve got mine few days ago and noted no marking on the zipper. I was expecting “EP”. but the no marking might be new and specifically for this batch. thanks.
  11. No mark on zipper.
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  12. thanks [emoji4] I’m at ease now [emoji108]
  13. This looks good. I've seen duller leather on some of the classics.
  14. I'm starting to feel that this is the problem with very expensive bags - you have very high expectations. Not unfounded, mind you. But with the mass production, they can't possibly meet a hard working person's expectations for quality for THAT amount of money. I am thinking of sticking to LV (not that it's THAT much better but at least stories of their CS are much more reassuring)
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  15. Just bought this jumbo flap at Rue Cambon on Friday. I believe it’s 19p (their tags don’t say). Dreamy; not too matte, not too puffy. I’m perfectly happy with it.