19A minis help pls

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  1. Just bought the reissue mini in black but loved also the tweed and the gold mini:love: What do you think about the gold? Would you wear it during the daytime?:girlsigh:
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  2. Aw congrats on the mini! I think the tweed is super cute. Not as big of a fan of the gold for daily wear, I feel like it's better for evening or with some very "cool" outfits (in my head, I'd wear it with lots of black eyeliner, black rock tshirt, distressed black denim..... LOL).

    If how you're dressed in the pic is how you usually dress, I wouldn't go with the gold; the tweed looks better imo!
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  3. Thank uu:heart:Yes, this is what I thought that would wear it on evenings only... but still in love..:rolleyes:
  4. I think it’s an amazing bag. Maybe more suitable for evening wear, but if you love it, why not wear it also during daytime with casual outfits? Maybe white jeans in the summer?
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  5. Thank u so much:heart: Also imagined to wear w white dresses during summertime but don’t want to be overdressed...:rolleyes:
  6. That tweed!! ❤️❤️❤️
  7. My eye immediately went to the tweed!
  8. Congrats on the black reissue, that's a must-have timeless classic. Between the tweed and the gold, the tweed looks really good on you! The gold IMO is more for special occasions or evening bag. I feel it is a bit over the top for normal everyday use. Also the inside lining looks to be lamb and would scratch easily.
  9. Tweed
  10. Yes the tweed is such a stunner! Never had a tweed bag, so don’t know how it will hold up...:hrmm:
  11. Yes she is just a beauty! Thank uu:heart:
  12. Thanks so much!:heart:The reissue is just a must this season!! I wish the gold would be less shiny on the gold mini that would work also as a day bag..:angel: It’s made of calfskin inside so don’t worry about this...
  13. Thank uu!!:love:
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  14. My eye went straight for the tweed also. IMO the gold is strictly evening and it may be tough to match, I would think one would only be able to wear all black.
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  15. My SA told me the gold is a statement piece and best for evening and Vegas (lol). But if you already have a lot of mini’s and want something that truly standout then I would go for the gold. The tweed is stunning as well but it won’t age as well as leather with frequent use (coming from a tweed mini owner). I view the gold mini as a collector’s piece and just want to have it in my collection and not needing it for everyday use, but if practicality is essential then I would go for the tweed.
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