1997 Called me. It wants it's haircut back.

  1. So I cheated on my stylist tonight and I totally got what I deserved. I went to a cheapo salon for a trim on my way home. My stylist is on vacation and I was desperate.

    I went in with a grown out version of this:


    And I left with this:


    I realize that it could be a LOT worse-- at least it's still long so I could probably have it fixed. I'm just really not happy right now. I didn't want a different cut, just a trim :s
  2. It's better than a mullet.

    It's a cute haircut. You can either embrace the haircut and just rock it or you can wear it up until it grows out.
  3. i actually read something the other day about how that haircut is coming back. i wouldn't stress too much until you can get it fixed, it's a fairly innocuous cut and shouldn't be overly obvious until you can get it fixed.
  4. Thanks. I know it's not that bad. It's just that I had this exact hair cut when I was in 10th grade (and I'm now 26). Because my hair is so thick, it just doesn't look cute like "Rachel's". The top layer is too thick compared to the bottom and if it were any shorter on the top, it could qualify as a mullet :push:
  5. Don't sweat it, claireZk!! At least it's long. You can still fix it if you're really uncomfortable with it. Just make sure you don't cheat anymore!! hehe
  6. i say wait till ur hairdresser is back then go to her for a fix, at least its long..
  7. Awh! I've had clients "cheat" on me too and then they come back and say never again! haha...it happens to all of us though those "quick fixes". I say give it a little and those front layers will grow in.
  8. LOL I had a mullet once. I went in and asked for one thing and came out with a mullet. A rounded mullet. I called it "friar tuck with a mullet." It's funny now but at the time I almost drove my car of a cliff.

    And ITA - can you work with it if you don't straighten it and curl the ends under? Can you let it dry naturally and/or put a wave through it with a quick blowdry?
  9. Aw - I feel for you! I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I've cried over bad haircuts before. As others have said, at least it's long and it's really not a 'bad' cut at all. And my grandmother always used to say there's only four weeks between a bad cut and a good one.

    I have chin-length hair and it's always scary visiting a new hairdresser. So many things can go wrong at this length, and I can't put it up to hide it!
  10. How funny! The last time I was looking for a hairdresser, one of my criteria was "a place that doesn't make me want to pay and run out before I burst into tears."

    I've often felt teary (with frustration and anger) during the haircut, where you see the hairdresser doing something, but you don't know if you should say something because a)you don't know anything about hairdressing and they may actually be doing the right thing and it will turn out ok, it just looks bad at that moment; and b) you don't want to piss of the person cutting your hair LOL.
  11. aww... sorry. I feel your pain I too went in one time for a TRIM. I was very specific about that. I left with a CUT. I mean a totally different hairstyle. A hair style I didn't ask for!!!!
  12. Love the title of this thread !!
    I want to have layers to my long hair and I am also afraid of ending up with this style which is difficult to avoid when you pronounce the word "layers" !
    Oh well it grows back, and faster than we think !
  13. It is so hard to find someone who can do modern haircuts. I just found one and I pay dearly for her haircuts but worth it...
  14. The thread title is funny!

    But, at least layers grow out... I had the same cut too at one point- I think we all may have- and those choppy layers aren't fun to grow though. Maybe get some clips or something for the sides?

    Headbands w/ a ponytail are cute too and casual, that might help. Sorry for the cut!
  15. Sorry you're unhappy with your haircut...but at least if it is long you can pull it up.

    I went to a hairdresser once who had the bright idea to blow-dry my naturally curly hair (instead of having me sit under the heater thing)...I came out with an afro. Luckily I had a ponytail holder with me - pulled my hair back right away!