1989 Vintage Chanel 10 Inch Tall Medium 2.55 Flap BagBag

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  1. Welcome home baby :
    Screenshot_2016-06-24-18-03-56-1.jpg Screenshot_2016-06-24-18-04-23-1.jpg Screenshot_2016-06-24-18-04-43-1.jpg
  2. Congratulations! Your new vintage baby is gorgeous!! Love it and love your avatar!
  3. Thanks.Omg the place I bought it from just posted some new bags. It's a vintage Chanel reseller here in New York City but they have a website. I better go before I do something terrible. Oh, I got the bag from Pilgrim New York. They are pretty well known for their vintage Chanel.
  4. OMG, soooooooo gorgeous!!!! Enjoy. Btw, what's their website?
  5. Very nice!
  6. Pilgrimnyc.com- last night they had another medium (not tall medium just medium) in black lambskin from same era in same if not better condition so if that's what you want you can go to the site hurry it won't be there for too long haha.
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  7. How do you authenticate vintage bags? can you bring them to a Chanel store?
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  9. I so love vintage Chanel bags. Yours is beautiful.
  10. Thanks!
  11. You can use the sites listed by the other posters. Also there are many guides online for Chanel vintage bags. When I shop for Chanel I've memorized everything to look for when dealing with fakes. At these prices you have too lol. PilgrimNYC is a brick & mortar and online consignment shop with a very good reputation and has been featured in several magazines and is owned by a famous photographer that shot most of the supermodels famous in the 90's so I really had limited worries. I'm fortunate enough to live in NYC so I can look online one day and if still there walk in the next day review the bag and buy it if I want too. There are about 5 online-only consignment shops I would touch (AFF/Fashpile/Yoogi/etc). Still not brave enough to try e-bay and I doubt if I ever will no offense to those here that swear by it.

    So for online only sites I usually have look at the pics posted, see if they have been stolen from else were, go mentally through my guide, and stick to my short list of stores.
    Fashionphile is really awesome for online purchases. Got a non-Chanel studded bag from them retail $2300 marked down to about $900. Bag was listed in very good condition, not excellent condition so I was nervous. However when I got the bag it was in mint condition minus a mark on the bottom that went away when I wiped/rubbed hard at it (WTF). Guess I lucked out.

    You just have to use caution........ It's annoying but vintage Chanel is worth it especially vintage lamskin is just as durable if not more so than the current calf skin used. I stick with vintage also especially because according to several decent sources the "handmade" process has changed over time for the bags.

    As far as I know Chanel does not authenticate vintage bags.
  12. Beautiful vintage, congrats!
  13. Is it normal for a vintage medium double flap 2.55 chanel to not have the zipper pocket on the inside of the first flap? Also, is it normal for there to be no quilting on the bottom and sides? It is a zero series from 1986-1988. (I have posted on the ATC thread and waiting for a response) but would like to know for my own education. Thanks!

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  14. First off, your bag is gorgeous!!! :smile:
    I am torn between a medium tall and a jumbo! GAH HELP!! Do they both hold as much and is the medium tall heavier than the single flap jumbo?
    Your insights would be appreciated! Thanks!