1986 Speedy - Restore or Replace? PICS!

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  1. Hey y'all!
    When cleaning out my closet this weekend I found my 1986 SPEEDY! Omg! I thought it had been stolen in a house break-in last year (yes girl, they stole ALL my LV) but I guess it was buried and there it was!
    There are some rips inside, but the canvas has zero rips anywhere... Amazing. My questions is this: I really want to have the leather cleaned and keep all the hardware because it's so old. If I were to replace the leather, then it wouldn't really be a 1986 bag in my mind. The only thing I'd have to get new would be a zipper pull.
    So, the second question is this: What restoration places could clean the leather and polish up the brass? Any recommendations? I'd love to show the process on the forum for all to see. I did use Rago Brothers once to get the smell out of a bag I got on Ebay... I paid $190.00 and they still weren't able to get the smell out. I kind of have a bad taste for them over that, but if you guys say that they'd be the best choice, I might give them another try.
    Thanks LV Lovers, all advice is appreciated!

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  2. Always great to have a vintage piece, but I would definitely replace rather than repair.
  3. I would replace, not repair. Keep it as is with all the memories that go along with it
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  4. Thanks for your opinion guys! So many memories with our LV bags. So glad to have a place where people get it. :smile:
  5. What a beautiful vintage bag!
    I would consider replacing it rather than repairing it. You can always keep the vintage bag for the the nostalgic memories.
  6. +1

    That's what I think too.
  7. +1



  8. I'd replace too
  9. Replace
  10. There are many people who've DIY'd vintage bags back to health. I'd replace it with a brand-new Speedy then read about DIY tutorials for home-restoration of your bag. I'll bet you could do it.
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  11. Definitely replace!
  12. Replace. Looks like it will be costly to replace all the leather and the lining.
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  13. I would replace it.
  14. KEEP IT AND REPLACE THE LEATHER!!!! They dont make bags like that anymore!!!!! The canvas feels so different, and thats a classic bag! It also survived a very tough time in your life! She looks like you love her!
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  15. You're so right... The canvas is way heavier than my current Monogram items. I think I'm going to make a project of the restoration! You're right that it made it thru the break-in... I never considered maybe we were meant to be together. They stole over $25k in bags/luggage :sad: but my speedy survived. You've inspired me to give it life again. :heart: