1. Was 1984 the last time Hermes designed a universally "liked" handbag?

    I don't want to start arguements, or step on any toes, but I was just pondering....most people like, or like on other people the Kelly, Birkin, Plume....Constance.....you know, the oldies (well, semi-oldies). but I don't believe Hermes has designed a bag, since the Birkin, that MOST people like.

    The Lindy - some love it, some...well....can take it or leave it. Same with the Paris-Bombay...I mean, what happened to the hype? The VFT seems to be on a similar track. Now while I wouldn't expect everyone to love every bag, as I said, MOST H-lovers admire the traditional designs, but not perhaps the newies?

    When is H going to come up with another "classic"? Will they again? What are your thoughts?
  2. Oh, and my thoughts, for what it's worth....they need to go back to more structured designs, and give the slouchies a miss......
  3. I think the Lindy is a cool cousin to the Birkin. I certainly would love to see the company move forward and add some new styles to mix in with the tried and true exquisite classics. You bring up some good points, GF. I was reading an article this past weekend about how some people feel the company needs to make new designs. There's no pleasing everyone, but, I think a few new offerings would be a good idea. :smile:
  4. REALLY good thread......I think they're way overdue for a universally adored design. I was looking at the "bible" the other night and there are so many Hermes bags that, quite frankly, they could have done without. I even wondered with some of them, "what WERE they thinking!??!?!" KWIM?

    I think they need to somehow come out with a new "classic", nothing trendy, and have a "famous" woman tote it around a bit a la Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin......if this is even possible nowadays.
  5. I think they tried with the "Yeoh" (or something) bag and that didn't work either :push:.
  6. Wasn't there an article that said that Naomi Campbell was designing a bag for Hermès?
  7. This is the part that I think will be hardest. There aren't that many celebrities out there who are really and truly style icons--without chemical dependencies or short-lived embarrassing marriages or eating disorders or questionable claims to celebrity status in the first place.

    There will obviously never be another Grace Kelly, but there are a few ladies out there who might actually be still called ladies, and so at least we can hold out some hope for an iconic bag to someday accompany at least a semi-iconic woman.

    I'd probably like something that Hermes designed for Catherine Zeta-Jones, for instance. She has "class", and she represents a modern ideal to me that combines glamour, career, a bit of jet-setting with homes all over the world, and last but not least, the role of a good mother and wife. I would probably very much like the "Catherine", if they designed it one day.

    As for the actual designs, to be honest I have to agree that I don't feel that a true classic has emerged from the house of Hermes since the Birkin. The Lindy is cute. The VFT is, at its heart, a travel bag (but a resoundingly practical and lovely one--if only the straps were about an inch longer I would be in love). The JPG is seriously trendy. The "muff" Kelly...well, I'm perplexed by that one, to tell the truth.
    I would love to see a bag that has the classic sensibility of HERMES but still has a somewhat realistic design for today's woman. Zippers, a shoulder strap that doesn't let the bag bang against you/random things (this is the main fault of the Kelly's strap in my opinion), and a certain day to night capability. I'd also like for that bag to be as identifiably Hermes as a Birkin or Kelly...does that mean it has to have closing straps? I don't really believe so.

    I'd like for the closing straps to be on the sides, actually, maybe as "expanders" for the bag.

    Hmm. And thus ends my musings at the moment.
  8. I agree with this statement. Hermes does structured bags like no one else.
  9. It's hard to think that Hermes can ever come close to the Kelly or Birkin again! Think about it- what other designer has produced a design that has captured the love and devotion of generations like Hermes.

    I agree though, I would love to see a new structured bag!
  10. :yes::yes: Yup, structured for me too.
  11. How about (sorry, being patriotic here) Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman! I'd carry a Blanchett or a Kidman!! LOL!!

    I think they struggle with designs. They had an in-house competition a few years back where they invited craftsmen to come up with a new design for the House - it was the P-B. The Lindy was essentially H attempting to compete with the slouchy bags offered by the other houses (apparently, H was trying to compete with the popularity of the Paddington).

    you know, I think they need to have some sort of hardware (like the strap plates) and keep the clochette and lock - although these have been WIDELY copied by other houses, they are a quintessential Hermes bag accessory.
  12. OK, I'll definitely give you Cate Blanchett. Nicole Kidman, well, she's amazingly elegant but GOD she can't pick a husband, poor child.

    Totally. Although, to be honest, I would like to see the strap plates become incidental to the bag, and have the opening/closing mechanism be a good old zipper. Less fiddly, more secure, but still obviously and identifiably Hermes.

    I was actually just sketching out my "fantasy" Hermes bag, and it's pretty cool if I do say so myself. And it has the strap plates, but they are low down on the body of the bag, which has a top zipper and a long and thicker shoulder strap. I would share, but I can't draw very well.
  13. ^ tell us more!

    I agree with the zipper thing - and that would make sense, sine they were the first to put one on a bag.

    WHY someone so tall as Nic ever chose such a short-arse as Tom is BEYOND me...........
  14. :shrugs: Not to mention he's batshit crazy.


    Hmm, let's see if I can draw anything resembling what I am thinking about for this bag.
  15. :yes: Yup. And look at how he revealed his true self when he lost Nic? A monkey on Oprah's couch!!

    Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Now, :back2topic:.