1970s Magazine Clutches

  1. A big fan of SATC, I used to have love those 70s vintage magazine clutches. These days I keep them locked up in my cupboard until it becomes hip again in, say, 20 years. Anyone else feels the same way?
  2. I love those, too. :love:
  3. My mom had two of those back in the early 70's! Wish I had them now.
  4. I had some from Fiorucci in NYC - both the fabulous store and clutch are long gone now. I wasn't always into saving everything. Those bags were a hot hot item on eBay years ago, really got bidded up.
  5. Me too! I loved Fiorucci - it was my favoriate store! I had a thing for those bags too....I wonder where I packed them away?
  6. I used to go browse Fiorruci on my lunch hour when I worked in midtown back in the early 80's. Except at that point in my life, the only thing I could afford there were the postcards!
  7. Tammy D - i cant believe you bought up the magazine clutches. I'm a massive fan of vintage bags and bought one at a vintage market here in the UK - I love it, i've never seen anyone else carrying one and it always gets comments! There was one for sale on eBay in the last couple of days that fetched around eightly dollars.
  8. I love these! I can't believe you brought them up either. I've been browsing them on eBay for the last couple of months, along with Nantucket baskets and decoupage purses. I'm feeling SO retro lately.
  9. I love vintage purses and have so very many!!! Will post pictures soon. But now I'm kinda mourning the demise of the magazine clutch. I loved them the most but its so over these days I feel kinda embarrassed carrying them.
  10. Am I silly? What does a magazine clutch look like?
  11. e5_1.JPG
  12. woaha. I love vintage bags, but I didn't realize these existed! I must've been living in a hole.
  13. i have one of those! it belonged to my mother!
  14. Tammy D - please post photos of your vintage bag collections - I would SO love to see the collection of another vintage fan - do you own any lucite ones?
  15. I love Nantucket baskets! Very fun!

    And the magazine clutches are really unique.