1960's Coach... WOW...

  1. Okay so a lot of you know I lost my grandmother a few months ago to lung cancer.

    She was VERY fashionable in her time-- wore a lot of Chanel suits and Jackie O style things and all kinds of designer brands. She was tiny and absolutely BEAUTIFUL, her style was like the Rachel McAdams looks from the Notebook. Pictures of her absolutely stun me.

    OK. Back on topic. There's a large estate auction of her things coming up and I wanted to have a look in her closet before it happened-- and guess what I found! A Coach "Kelly (Or that's the name I got after researching it online)" style handbag from like, the 1960's!!!!! It was like a briefcase :love:

    It was black leather with striped mexican cotton lining on the bottom inside of the bag and SO BEAUTIFUL. Turnlocks and all!!!!! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so I couldn't take a picture of it :sad:

    Even SADDER is that my aunt (who has been being kind of greedy throughout the entire probate process) already took first dibs on anything in the closet and she got the Coach bag even though I asked very nicely if I could have it (I wanted to show it to my managers at the boutique and whatnot). Oh, well. I'm not going to be bitter. It was just an AMAZING find and it was in PERFECT condition and I had to share!!!!

    See below for a photo of the style of bag-- the one in this picture looks EXACTLY like my grandma's, hers was in as good as or better condition than the one in this photo. I also found a pic online of the mexican striped cotton lining that was on the inside bottom of the bag!!!! :drool:

    Talk about Coach lasting a LONG time, it still looked new!!!!
    1.jpg cloth.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg tag.jpg
  2. Wow, that is so neat! It really would have been cool if you could have had the bag. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother! :sad:

    Off topic - your kitty in your avatar is so cute!!
  3. Well, first sorry about your grandmother :sad:

    Second. Wow! That is an awesome find!

    Im so sorry your 'lovely' aunt refused to let you have it! Thats just really too bad!!
  4. My aunt can be very greedy but sometimes she is nice too. You never know, I may get it yet! I asked her if I could just borrow it to show people that I work with but she said no to that too. Oh well! At least I got to see it and touch it!

    My mom did get me her perfume tray and all her old bottles of Chanel No. 5 and Evening in Paris and all those old perfumes from the 40's and stuff. It's so cool! Now my whole room smells like her. I love it-- makes me very happy! It's all I really wanted anyway :smile: but the bag was incredible.

    And thank you!!!! I just took that pic of him last night to post, his name's Fat Louie :yes: He's a very large, fat spoiled brat kitty but I love him. (Before anyone asks he got his name from the Princess Diaries books yes, and also because he used to curl up in my Louis Vuitton bag when he was a kitten. I think he liked the way the leather smelled). LOL!
  5. pfft...aunt smaunt...that bag would be mine... :p

    AND I'm sorry for your loss.
  6. Wow, that bag is gorgeous. I'm sorry about your grandma. That's sad that your aunt wouldn't let you have it. It would have been such a nice and fitting memento for you to have of your grandmother.

    Edited to add: Sarah, I just saw your follow-up post and I'm glad to hear you got something special to remember your grandma (the perfume).
  7. :roflmfao: That's great, that really made me smile!
  8. Hey everyone. This is just a reminder that if you see something your grandmother or mother (or father etc has) let them know now so they can put it in their will or list of belongings and to whom it goes.

    My dad gifted the house to me so I can't be too much of a beggar when it comes to getting things from my mom when she passes. She actually doen't have much of value anyway. She has an older camel cashmere coat and a diamond watch from my aunt. That's about it. She already gave some of her stuff to us.
  9. wow that is absolutely STUNNING.
    Sorry to hear about your loss Sarah.
    I'm glad to hear you did get something to remember your Grandmother by.
  10. Im sorry to hear about your grandmother passing.
    That bag is beautiful and looks brand new!
  11. Oh wow...how amazing. Such a classic...classics never go out of style.
  12. OMG my condoleances to you!! I can tell you loved your grandmother!!!
  13. Great find. It's too bad you can't keep it.
  14. Sorry about your loss....my grandma died 11 years ago and it seems like only last year. And it sucks that your aunt (or anyone for that matter) would act so selfishly like that. That's a nice looking bag too!!
  15. I am very sorry for your loss. I can see that you loved your grandmother well. I am sorry that your aunt did not let you keep the bag. I am writing a will very soon just to be sure that my wishes are followed. I am happy that you have a fond remembrance of your grandmother.