1941 Skinny Tote reveal

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  1. Haven't seen a reveal on this one so here goes. This is my 3rd 1941 bag - previously purchased the Chalk Rogue and the Tea Rose Saddle bags. This one isn't breathtakingly beautiful but it has an understated elegance and the leather is insane. I'm a huge fan of the smooth leather - think of this tote as the Nomad on steroids.

    It is a heavy bag, I weighed it last night and it was 2.5 pounds. The Rogue was 3 pounds and the Nomad was 1 pound!!







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  2. Beautiful! Thank you for the reveal, I was thinking of buying one but wasn't sure as I could not find pictures to see what the inside looked like--now I can order one!
  3. Great!! If you have any other questions just ask! The straps are adjustable too!!
  4. One more picture in slightly different lighting. The color of this leather is so gorgeous. The stock picture does it no justice at all.

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  5. This is a gorgeous bag, crissy! Thank you for all the photos!
  6. Wow! If the pics don't do it justice, that's a bit scary. It's just stunning and it looks absolutely fantastic on you. I love the inside of it too. Congratulations on everything. What a beautiful bag!
  7. Very nice bag and it looks great on you!!
  8. LOL, thanks for saying that. I guess I should give some context. My friends know me as th "Queen of Bling" - in the past I was all about metallics, flashier bags, statement bags that had a lot of embellishments and glam. Understated elegance wasn't what drew me in. But alas I am getting older and I guess my tastes are changing and I am seeing the beauty in understated elegance now. I guess I just don't see this bag as something someone would stop and say "Wow, where did you get that stunning bag?" Does that make sense? I am in love with the amazing leather and workmanship which is why I love it, and not ever bag has to blind you with bling. :P
  9. I love this! It will never go out of style. Is the color black?

    I have that blue orb charm too, one of my favorites!
  10. I completely understand. I am all about my Stud P (Preston) and Metallic Kelsey which I am wearing today so I love the flash too. And the only black bag I have is the Sadie in Chenille.

    But I'm also a classic vintage girl and that bag has it all over. I can not tell you how impressive that body shot is with it on your shoulder. That bag is absolutely stunning. Total class and it is completely modern. Nothing only a woman of a certain age would wear. It's a simple, chic classic bag with understated elegance. I'm too little to wear totes but if I could pull it off, this would be my first purchase. It's gorgeous! Enjoy!
  11. I love your bag! Tote bags are my absolute favorite and that bag is fantastic. Love, love, love it! (And now I want one.)
  12. Hi Jane - how is that ostrich Rogue working out for ya? :biggrin:

    The tote is called "Smoke", it's a steel blue/grey with light blue stitching. Great color!! I probably wouldn't have gotten it if it was black.
  13. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for liking what I thought was a rather plain and boring tote lol!!!

    Although something had to draw me to it obviously!!
  14. Lovely! I love a North/South profile. So many of these "HEYLOOKATMEBEINGANAWESOMEBAG" bags are just so boring to me. If I saw you wearing this bag I would think, "Now that's understated...looks super high quality...I wonder what that is...that lady has some CLASS." Nice choice. That leather looks gorgeous. To me, it's all about the leather. I don't need or want a name or iconic "design" feature announcing my bag to the world. I just want high quality and to feel the beautiful leather.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Its not plain and it is not boring. I am thinking of getting it in cornflower