1941 Nordstrom 23 Saddle Bag

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  1. I decided to take the plunge and purchase one of the 1941 Saddle bags from Nordstroms. I own the 1941 duffle and let me you, even though they are both from the 1941 collection, I think the Nordstrom one is a little bit better. As far as I can tell only Nordstrom and Saks are selling the 1941 bags. The saddle bags in particular though seems to be different than the ones Coach sells. They color combos are different. I got the Black one with Saddle interior and stitching with gunmetal hardware. The storypatch is different and I assume that it has the original style number for the bag because that is not it. It also has the cool leather and metal Coach hangtag and came with a really nice cream colored cotton dustbag with Coach written on it in black. Another odd thing is the tag says $450 and Nordstrom sells them normally for $395. Saks sells them for $450 and was having their F&F sale and Nordstrom matched it, so the bag was $319. It is on the small side, but the leather is pliable and I can fit everything I normally take daily in it.

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  2. That is interesting! Here's another thought.... I have the black tea rose saddle bag (which I love!) and the color scheme right down to the coach tag is the same as this Nordstrom bag (minus the flowers of course) AND the story patch plus the style number is also the same!
  3. I wonder if they made a lot of tea rose saddle bags sans flowers and made them department store exclusives.
  4. Lovely! Congrats!
  5. Great bag! I got the larger whiplash saddle in pebbled leather black, which seemed to be only available at Nordstrom (I don't have a Saks so maybe it's available there also). I died when I saw it in black...such a cool edge to it. It also has the saddle suede interior. I love these bags...it's the leather that makes them!

    Enjoy your new bag!
  6. what a gorgeous bag!! i really like this style and the detail on the hangtag is nice. enjoy your new beauty!
  7. Looks so nice! enjoy.
  8. Congratulations!! I am dying for the purple one so it's on my wish list. Gorgeous!
  9. Love this bag snd all the detail!