1941 collection pieces on sale

  1. My SA let me know that starting tomorrow (which is early acces) a lot of 1941 pieces are going on sale. Some up to 40% off. Keep an eye out and/or call your SA!
  2. Did she happen to mention any of the styles? Thanks for the heads up!
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    I already got a few pieces aside for me to pick up tomorrow :smile:
    40% off Rogue: Fringe suede, black/pink tea rose, white wild tea rose, yellow snake handle, some 36 sizes, beatnick 25, whipstitch snake 25, Cars, Felix, Patchwork

    I heard all Rogue Satchels are included, 50% (I believe, but not sure 40 or 50)
    Similar style Dinky, pink tea rose, fringe, whipstitch snake, link are also includes.....

    There are tons of 1941 includes, I couldn't believe it when I heard the news last weekend:smile:
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  4. Pretty much wintotty's list is what I heard. Some rogue Totes too. The 1941 clutch as well. She said some people will get an early access email code for tomorrow but stores are going to ring them in for their clients starting tomorrow.
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  5. My SA did mention the grey Rogue Tote, as well as the green one with the linked sides.
  6. Do you need an invitation?
  7. Oooh, I've been waiting for this! Thanks for the heads up.
    Saks is also having a sale on the following 1941 items right now.
    IMG_1495125674.982704.jpg IMG_1495125687.449811.jpg
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  8. I would love to find a black 36 rogue on sale. Anyone know if it will be included? I can't even find it on the website anymore, only the embellished handle one.
  9. Thanks for the heads up
  10. Wow God help my credit card
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  11. For some reason I gathered that 1941 sales would be far and few in between - the rogue seems like a staple, permanent collection bag.

    Do you guys reckon it's to clear seasonal pieces? Or to spark some sales?
  12. It seems like to me that they are trying to clear some seasonal items. Or items that haven't sold as well.
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    Beechwood tea rose is NOT on sale. :sad:

    But the Green Fringe is. :smile:

    The trend has been for Coach to blow out their seasonal stuff it seems, but keep the more classic looks full price. I bet the Beechwood is selling well which is why it's not on sale.
  14. Will this be online or just on boutiques?
  15. Thank you!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    The 25 and the regular size one?
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