19 year old skin care

  1. Hi guys! I'm new at this forum and I wanted to say that I've already fallen in love. All the girls here are so supportive and helpful to one another, and at the same time, care about issues that are important to the world.

    I have a question: I'm currently 19 years old, and I know that some people start "taking care" of their skin once they hit 20. Right now, I use Cetaphil daily facial cleanser, and then Clarins Ultra-Matte for moisturizer and their sunscreen in SPF 40 (as you can probably tell, I have oily skin).

    I'm wondering if I should get a head start on some of the more "preventive" skin care line, as in should I start buying creams/lotions for anti-aging and wrinkles? Should I take any supplements?

    Thanks so much for all of your help!
  2. protecting your skin from the sun is the very best thing you can do for it right now. i'm 22 and have weird bi polar skin. it can be VERY dry to somewhat oily. i've found the more specialized products i start using, the more freaked out it gets and therefore the worse it looks.

    if you have an acne problem, a derm can help with that. but if you're just oily and what you're doing works for that, i say if it ain't broke.... :smile:

    welcome to the forum!! :flowers:
  3. moisturizing eye cream. supplements such as vitamins E & C are good. and drink water.
    you dont need anti aging stuff. just sth with good moisturization & SPF is enough.
  4. I think what you've got going on is perfect. Cetaphil is really mild so that's good, and you're taking care to SPF. Enjoy 19. Don't stress about skin care yet. *sigh* I miss 19.
  5. Wow thanks so much! I'll definitely look into the eye cream, but I'm glad to know that I've on the right "path"! Thanks so much again :heart:
  6. Take care of your skin when in the sun and cleanse! That is pretty much what I used to do! I'm in my late 20's now and I'm on more of regimen, I cleanse, exfoliate when needed and I moisturize! Vitamin C is also good for the skin! I still watch out when going out in the sun (it is hard to do it all of the time but I do what I can). I also find that getting facials help the skin too!
  7. I am 30 and started taking care of my skin when I was 19. For me, I think SPF lotion and avoiding the sun/tanning beds has made the biggest difference for me. Frequently people think I am in my earily 20's and I still get carded.
  8. Yup SPF and no tanning beds are keys to maintaining healthy skin:smile: