19 hours of Shop til you Drop!!

  1. Phew! and drop I am ready to do!!

    Tomorrow is my BF's Birthday, he loves LV too but never has much luck with stock at our regular store so for his birthday we went to London.

    We started off at about 4am this morning, flew down to London and literally shopped until we dropped.

    It was just a 1 day visit and we are back home, tonight I will sleep like a baby :sleepy:

    I couldn't believe what some of the stores still have I saw Olympe's & Fursten's in all stores (I visited 4 LV's) Lv totes loads available (not surprised on that one). I saw the Exotic marilyn's too they are gorgeous!!! I even saw a trianon (sp?) small sac de nuit style bag and a Vernis Valentines White Pochette Plate!! oohh and the red/turquoise sprouse scarf (so many things!:drool:)

    One of the best things I saw was a an elderly lady ( I don't mean to be rude but I am talking old here) and she was totally rocking a Damier Speedy she looked fab!!!

    So I guess you'd like to know what came home......:graucho:
  2. I would love to see everthing you bought..
  3. A little tease to start you off (promise I won't keep you waiting long!!)
    group boxes.jpg
  4. :popcorn::popcorn:
  5. show us!!!
  6. LVoe Charm so far my store doesn't have these and I LVOE IT!!!

    I really wanted the LVoe earrings that when in the original lookbook way way back but these where cancelled :crybaby:
  7. sunglasses and inclusion accessories?
  8. Ooo pretty!!
  9. what else?
  10. Sunglasses!! Obsession in Black!!!
    Sunglasses.jpg sunglasses arm.jpg sunglasses Visuals.jpg
  11. This one is BF's:- Champs Elysees Ring!
    C E Ring.jpg
  12. Love the sunnies!
  13. Also Bf's:- Perfo Belt in the wider size, it the vachetta so over time it will patina it is beautiful IRL
  14. Whaaa?!?! A red and turquoise Sprouse scarf? Is it new? Congrats on your purchases!
  15. Ooo nice sunglasses!!~