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  1. Hi all!

    Does anyone have the new Chanel 19 Flap Bag? I am so curious but haven't seen much information. It seems that Chanel is advertising it as the new Gabrielle, and one of Karl's last bags. At first glance I didn't get it at all, but upon further review on the Chanel site it is starting to grow on me (I'm a big fan of soft, pillowy bags!).


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  2. I like it too...is just seems very soft and has no structure at all...but I do not own it..interested though!
  3. I found this! Helps to see it in use:

  4. I tried it on Sunday, in a couple of sizes. It's very heavy with the chains (the bag is light, but the chains are VERY heavy and cumbersome). Where the chains are sewn in at the top of the strap and at the base of the bag to make a little "handle" is pretty awkward, and the leather to me seemed dull. The inside isn't lined in leather, just fabric, so for a 4600/5100/5600 I do think they should have lined in leather. The bag is not structured, it won't sit up on its own, it will need to be laid down wherever it goes. Lastly, the logo is HUGE!! It seems disproportionate to the rest of the bag.

    I had reserved in 4 colors because I thought I would love it, and I am bummed I didn't like it. I bought a watch and a couple of coco handles instead. I apologize for the negative review, but they are points to consider if you are thinking of the bag. For others, these points might be exactly what makes you WANT the bag!! Good luck!!

  5. Thanks for your honesty, I’ve been torn between making my final new purchase. Reading through the forum to hear about the lack of quality is terrifying.

    You’ve swayed me to stay true to my Trendy CC purchase!
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  6. Thank you for this! Definitely food for thought. I like soft bags, but not ones that puddle into a heap. lol. I also don't want a really heavy bag - i'm surprised that they used such heavy materials.
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  7. Me again, did you try any of the tweed? I wonder if they might be lighter and hold their shape better? In particular, the houndstooth? tIA!
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  8. I completely appreciate the honest review. I am still really interested by this bag and really leaning towards buying it. My SA sent me this picture of the size comparison between the medium and small. Can’t wait to hear what more people think!

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  9. I really like this too. Looking forward to seeing it this weekend hopefully. Heaviness of the chains can be subjective, but I would like it at least to stand up when I put it down...lol.
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  10. Would love to hear your thoughts once you see it!
  11. These are great! Did she, by chance, send you pics of the two sizes being worn? I wonder about the chain lengths.

  12. I don't buy fabric bags anymore with Chanel b/c of pilling and extremely low resale value. ;)
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  13. Yes! He did!

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  14. This really is a beautiful bag
  15. Oh - that makes sense! Thanks!
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