18TH Birthday Present yay Chanel earrings

  1. omg i just got chanel earrings for my 18th birthday just thought i would share :smile:
    i LOVE THEM !!:yahoo:
    Not sure how to post pics yet :tdown:
  2. That's a wonderful gift! Happy 18th birthday! :yahoo:
  3. aww thanks :smile::smile:
  4. Happy Birthday! And enjoy your earrings!

    Which ones did you get?:balloon:
  5. I think i worked out how to post pictures.. i hope :smile:
    small.JPG t.JPG
  6. Classic! Wear them in good health!
  7. Happy many returns with many Chanels!;)Very chic earrings!Congrats!:yes:
  8. Aww, they're adorable! You wear them very well. Congratulations!
  9. too cute:heart:
  10. They are very pretty! Have a wonderful birthday!
  11. Pretty!, Congrats!, Happy 18th BDay!!!:balloon:
  12. so pretty, happy birthday!! :party:
  13. I LOVE the crystal earrings!! :heart: They look soo fabulous on you too!! :tup: Enjoy them, and Happy Birthday!!:party:
  14. very pretty and Happy Happy birthday!
  15. Happy birthday and enjoy your earrings!