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  1. Hiya, this school year means all the 18ths are coming up between me and my friends. We have a birthday on sunday and havent a clue what to get her. Our budget is around £60/£70 ($120/$130) and would like to purchase her a piece of jewellery. BUT we cant buy it online as it would take too long to arrive etc..

    There is a swarovski shop in town and weve been looking at some items from there so if i give you some links would you mind giving your opinion.

    We opted for jewellery as its our last set of birthdays together before we all head off across the country so we want something we can keep forever and remember each other by. I understand our budget is pretty low for jewellery but as 17/18 year olds its pretty much all we can afford at the moment and its the thought that counts isnt it.

    Any opinions are very welcome and also any suggestions would help us all so much, we dont have a CLUE! lol

    heres the first link:
    Swarovski Crystal - Detailview: Blink Heart Pendant

    Swarovski Crystal - Detailview: Aliza Pendant

    Swarovski Crystal - Detailview: Foursome Pendant

    Swarovski Crystal - Detailview: Love Pendant

    Swarovski Crystal - Detailview: Reversible Heart Pendant

    as i said any suggestions are very much welcomed too :biggrin: TIA

    Hannah x
  2. Hmm... I thought the 3rd and 4th one look cute! The foursome pendant is more of a classic and your friend can dress up or down with it. I liked the love pendant because it reminds me of the Tiffany heart one I have and hearts seems to be popular with teenagers (:wtf: OMG I sound old and I'm only 25!!). Hope this helps!
  3. I like the first one the best. Plus it can be worn with anything. Very cute!!
  4. Hi Hannah, cute pendants. :smile:

    Have you heard of Etsy? I've ordered some small items from that awesome site (card cases, earrings etc) and am very pleased so far with my experience with Etsy sellers. Will give you the names of a few UK-based jewelry sellers, you might wish to take a look (for future reference).

    eldondesigns's Etsy Shop - GREEN WITH ENVY charm bracelet
    eldondesigns green with envy bracelet.jpg
  5. I like the first one best, but they're all cute. :smile: She's just starting her adult life, which means lots of going out and having a good time. ;) The first one is sleek, elegant, but stylish, and would look great with a clubbing outfit. :smile:
  6. I have to agree (and I'm also 25 :P )! I like the foursome the most, it's classy and timeless. The love pendant is my runner up. Of course it all depends on what your friend's taste is like but if you have no clue then IMO the foursome is a safe bet.
  7. wow passerby some of the jewellery is gorgeous. Thanks for all these ideas and ill definately keep them in mind for future purchases lol christmas is coming up :biggrin: haha

    I think the second one i posted is my favourite necklace but she doesnt really have the same taste as me, everybodies inputs have REALLY helped. We only discovered the foursome pendant today (whilst we were meant to be working) and this thats most likely the style she'd go for so it looks like it will probably be that one we opt for unless we go down a competely different route. There are also stud earrings that match this necklace though so we could get her the set and it would be very sentimental for her.

    As i said i appreciate everybodies input, it really did help.

    And again passerby thanks a bunch for your suggestions and i would have definately showed the girls but weve sort of got to purchase it on wednesday so were not giving ourselves much time lol
  8. I would suggest you to get something that doesn't have a heart. I'm somewhat silly about hearts in jewelry and I would never purchase a piece of jewelry for myself or my friend which has a heart on it. I only want jewelry with a heart on it from my bf/husband. But that's just me :shrugs:
  9. I like 4 and 5 most ... but hearts are pretty standard. What is her style?
  10. her style is more probably the 1st and the foursome pendant. One of my other mate has gone 'hint' shopping with her this afternoon so shes going to wonder into swarovski and see what hints she can get haha!