18TH BDAY PRESENT and recent PURCHASE! *lots of pics*!

  1. Wow finally 18! Since Monday and im soo happy! Now on to the interesting part (the pics!) This is the first bag I ever wanted, about a year ago when I "discovered" my love for LV haha and now I finally have it........DAMIER speedy 25! I also bought myself the Damier Azur pochette in Sept. but never got the pics up so there they are! :heart::love::wlae::yahoo:
    bday present2.jpg bday present3.jpg bday present4.jpg bday present5.jpg
  2. And heres my updated group shot ...I got the Cles on Dec. 21st 2006 and have acquired the rest since then :smile:
    updatedgroup1.jpg updatedgroup2.jpg
  3. yay ... belated happy Birthday:balloon::balloon::balloon:

    congrats, great bag!
  4. happy birthday and congrats on the bag.
  5. Happy birthday!
    Congrats! & Nice collection!
  6. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!

    Love both the pieces...
  7. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Congrats !!!!!
  8. Yay, congrats & happy Belated!
  9. happy 18th and love your new pressies!! have a great one!
  10. congrats! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :party::dothewave: enjoy it!
  11. belated happy birthday! nothing like lv for your special day!
  12. Happy Birthday! Your speedy is gorgeous and I love your azur pochette. Really great choices!
  13. Happy B-day!!
  14. Happy happy birthday! Soooo jealous of your damier speedy...:drool:
  15. Happy Birthday! Great purchases!