18k Purse Pendant...how cute!

  1. goldpurse.jpg
  2. ohhh soo adorable!
  3. That's so adorable!! :love:
  4. Japster's jewelry is so pretty! I'm hoping to get one of her pieces for my wedding anniversary coming up. :yes:

  5. yeah, my old manager use to have a charm store and they've sold purse pendants before which were really really cute! just like the one you shared
  6. That is so cute! I wonder if it comes in white gold?!!Lol!!
  7. that is really cute! yeah i would prefer it in white gold as well.
  8. Found this one for our ladies across the pond. And a couple of really cute white gold ones.
    USA Handbag.jpg Hobo.jpg White Gold.jpg
  9. Cuuuuute!