18K gold pochette charm

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  1. Remember those pics from the Japanese magazine that I posted a little while ago? I was dying to see that gold pochette charm IRL...and now...I found one on eBay! Okay, not really IRL, but at least there are some good photos!

    eBay: Louis Vuitton 18 kt Gold Monogram Pochette Charm (item 130057931646 end time Dec-17-06 10:41:48 PST)


    I am soooo drooling right now. This charm is probably the cutest charm I've EVER seen...if I had the $$$ I'd buy it! Would anyone like to buy Karman a Christmas gift? :angel:

    I was expecting this charm to cost a LOT more! But 750 Euros is not bad at all, compared to what some of the other LV bracelet charms cost! I WANT ONE!
  2. TDF! :love: €750 is not alot at all!
  3. That really is adorable!!
  4. They're cute but at like $900, it's way too tiny. I've seen them (both yellow gold and white gold) in the store and they're so little. I'd rather have a real bag for that price.
  5. thanks alot karman! now I want it too!
  6. It's adorable!
  7. Wow, there's one in white gold? :nuts: Oh myyyy...
  8. wow it's super cute though!
  9. so cute!
  10. I've been drooling over that charm for a while. I love and collect gold charms. I just think that LV's charms are waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy overpriced. They are waaaaayyyyyy cute too. :drool:
  11. I agree! :yes: