18B pink rectangular mini

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  1. Has anyone seen this in store or purchased already? Could you share the style code please? Would also love to see more photos in different lighting! This looks like a real stunner! Photo below is not mine.

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  2. I was just in store and saw a wallet in this color. I’d say that pic is pretty true to color, it’s like a red with a pink tinge. I would take a photo but my store lighting is terrible.
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  3. Thank you! Good to know that the photo is pretty accurate!!
  4. I don’t know that anyone will have tags until they’re up for sale on Monday, but it is described as a strawberry color. In some light it looks red and in others it looks like a pink.
  5. I preordered a card case in this color. Went to see it in the store yesterday, it looked like dark raspberry color with indoor light. It's not a rich red like the 17B but it's a very pretty color!
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  6. I MUST have this in my life. It looks stunning.

    I missed out on 17B and this looks even nicer :loveeyes:
  7. Do you know any department stores who ordered it?
  8. I’m in the UK so need to hunt it down as quickly as possible as we don’t tend to operate on lists but more first come first served. I pray I’m in luck.
  9. Truly a raspberry toned color.

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  10. Next to 17b (flat cardholder)

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  11. I haven't seen it in person, but it looks beautiful from the photos on here.
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  12. OMG :panic::panic::loveeyes::loveeyes:

    It looks stunning.. thank you for the comparison :heart:
  13. This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Bump! Anyone can share style code please? Trying to hunt this down but it’s so hard talking to my local boutique.
  15. Not seen in person but here’s a photo
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