1874 or 2274 ?

  1. Hi, please help me to choose between 1874 and 2274.. This is my first safiano tote.. I will buy in black.. Just confuse which one to take.. From the dimension, they look similar.. Both comes with long strap.. The only different is 1874 with one zipper on the center, and 2274 with 2 zippers on the side.. So please help me to choose.. Thanks in advance..
  2. I've had the 1874 for a few weeks and I'm wanting to return it for the 2274. The 1874 is just too small and the zipper in the middle makes it feel even smaller. But I am a big purse kinda girl who always needs to have a small light jacket with her. I'm 5'4 and the 1874 looks more proportional to my size when worn cross body but the 2274 just fits a lot more. The only
    Thing holding me back from returning it is the grafite color! I haven't seen the 2274 in this gorgeous color yet.
    image-3408609306.jpg image-3567045291.jpg
  3. I like having the two zippers on the side and having the rest of the bag open so I'd go with the 2274.
  4. How does the middle open area hold: would stuff drop out or be too visible? Any security or privacy issues?
  5. middle is a zipper closure where you can put more items for security like a wallet. There are magnetic closures to pull the two sides in if tha makes sense. I will try to take a picture.
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    The dimensions are really similiar. However, in my opinion, the double zipper bag seems a bit more structured and formal an the one zipper in the middle. 1874 seems to be a bit more casual. I know its not meant to be worn on the shoulder, but for those brief minutes I need my hands free and not using the strap, 1874 seems to tuck better under my shoulder. I prefer the one zipper in the middle to hold my wallet and I like comparments. Its a matter of preference IMO. You should see them in person and get the one you like.
  7. Interior
  8. my vote goes to 2274, i think its the perfect size :biggrin:
  9. I've a BN2274 cammeo and absolutely in love with it! Not too big not too small!!
  10. I go with 2274. It just looks much nicer.
  11. Thanks for everyone.. I will try at boutique this weekend. Will do some reveal next week.. So excited.. :p
  12. 1784 of course