1866VUITTON question - Sorry, my first time!



Hi LVers, I was hoping someone could give me a quick answer to this question. I called 1-866-VUITTON this morning to order a bag not in stock on Elux, and the woman I spoke to said that she would locate it in a boutique for me and have the boutique call me for my CC info (the bag isn't LE or anything, just not on elux at the moment). She said that the boutique would give me a call as soon as it opened at 10 AM. Well, it's 2:30 here and I've still yet to hear from anyone, should I call back? I'm not sure what time zone the boutique she was talking about was in! Has anyone every gotten a bag sent from a boutique? Am I just being impatient or is service usually prompt? Sorry, I'm a complete newbie to 1-866-VUITTON!!


Feb 13, 2007
los angeles, ca
have you tried calling around to a few boutiques yourself and talk to an SA there? perhaps they can order it for you so you don't have to sit around and wait for a phone call. good luck to you and your new bag.


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Sep 19, 2006
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Agreed! Try to call local LV store first...

I remembered one time that I called 866 to put my name down for Miroir bag in Valley Fair, the rep said that the guy who do the waitlist was busy and he will call me right back.

It took a day for him to call....as he called the day after.(I almost forgot when he said he called from Valley Fair, I thought Vanity Fair or sth.) :lol:


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Sep 21, 2006
Definitely call either 1866-vuitton or your local LV stores if you are looking to have something charged sent. They get quite busy and do sometimes forget to return calls.


Thank you for all of the advice! I'm going to try to call 1866VUITTON again first, and then I'll call the two boutiques in my general vicinity. One I've worked with before and one I haven't, I'll let you know how it goes!


I got it!!! It's being mailed right now for me!! A Damier Azur Speedy 30, it should be here in just a few days, I'm so jazzed! Thank you for the advice!


Oooh, peach, what did you order? I will definitely post pics, this is my first Speedy and will be my only LV at the moment. I'm so excited!


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Mar 17, 2007
I ordered the Vernis Framboise agenda & complete refills! I am sooo excited to get it. Mine will be in my hands in a few days as well.

Let me know your experience with ordering! This is my first time ordering over the phone as well. I called 1-866, and the assistant located a store nearest mine that had both in stock. She immediately transferred me to talk to an SA there, and then I ordered from the SA.

You're gonna LOVE your Speedy! :heart: