1837™ Ring

  1. I'm considering getting this in the silver. My questions: how thing is the ring? Do you think a guy could pull it off? I'm thinking it is pretty unisexed, and does anyone have any pictures I could look at, I did have a couple of searches, but didn't come up with anything.

  2. Hi GeorgesLV, do you have a picture?
  3. It's a lovely ring and I think a guy could definitely pull it off.
  4. I have a couple of friends who own it (whom are girls),but its a very nice looking ring. IMO you should get it,its pretty unisex!
  5. I think either a guy or girl could wear it. Let us know what you decide. It's very nice!
  6. I have this ring and love it. It's definitely unisex, I've seen guys wear it too, it's a thick heavy piece. One of my favorite Tiffany collections.
  7. i have this ring and i LOVE it!!! ive had to for about 2 years and have worn it honestly everyday since buying it...its such a great ring!!!!!
  8. I just tried that ring on a few days ago. I think a guy can pull it off. I found that it was too thick for my hand. Since I put it on my middle finger, it just felt too bulky. It's not like it has hearts on it or something, lol
  9. yeah, it is a thick ring. i know a guy who owns one and loves it! it looks great on him. hope you could try it on and hope you'll like it too. i love tiffs! ahhh
    get it get it, you'll loveee it!
  10. my brother bought himself the glaxy version of that ring haha and hes a total mans man!! haha i laugh at him cuz he went to go buy his wife a diamond necklace and me diamond earrings and he was like screw it i want something too hahahaha :smile: sooo funny!