18 month old Zoe goes to head of UK/Europe heart donor list

  1. This is so sad, I hope that this little girl can be saved.

    Last Modified: 23 Jun 2007
    Source: PA News

    An 18-month-old girl who is being kept alive by an artificial heart has been put at the top of the European transplant list, a hospital has said.
    Zoe Chambers, from Hull, is in a critical condition at the Newcastle Freeman Hospital.
    She was born with a heart valve which was too narrow and she is being kept alive by a Berlin Heart, a machine that helps the human heart pump blood.
    Doctors have warned her family that she urgently needs a transplant.
    A spokeswoman for the hospital said: "She is still critical. She has been prioritised as number one on the European transplant list.
    "Hopefully that prioritisation as number one will mean that someone will be found. But it is a case of just waiting now."
    If a suitable heart is found in any European country, it will be transported to the hospital by private aircraft.
    A heart became available last week but it was decided it was too large.
    Two days after she was born a scan showed that one of Zoe's heart valves was struggling to allow blood to pass through. She was not expected to survive beyond a few days but she has astonished doctors with her extraordinary will to live.
    Her mother, Julie, told the BBC: "She is desperate. She keeps getting infection after infection. She needs a transplant as soon as possible to give her the best chance. We need a small heart for Zoe and the right tissue match as well."
  2. I saw that on the news it is so sad :sad: i hope she can get a doner now shes top of the list.
  3. God- that is so sad, and if a suitable heart becomes available it will be another family's tragedy.
  4. That is terrible....I'm feeling a little sad...she's so young. I hope everything turns out well.
  5. Exactly Ruby! So sad in every way!
  6. I hope she finds a doner and can be saved!!
  7. Ruby, isn't it a change to start a new day with some positive news like this.

    I pray that it is succesful. I also pray for the family of the donor, a very difficult thing to do at such a difficult time.

    God Bless x
  8. im crossing my fingers here too that the operation is a complete success :smile:
  9. You're absolutely right SollyTia :smile:
  10. Wishing all the best for the little angel
  11. Latest local news here in Newcastle, is that Zoe has been taken off the ventilator.

    Excellent news, I hope she continues to improve.
  12. Fantastic!!!
  13. that's great news for her!!
  14. So chuffed to hear she's doing well - I live nearby and the little tot has been in the local news a lot and we're all thinking of her.