18 cats and dogs on death row in Louisiana shelter need help!

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  1. Sorry I meant put to death this Friday, 30 June! Could one of the PTB please change the title. Thanks!I Megs, Vlad, mods – may I respectfully request you to please let this thread stay on here for a day at least (until end of Thursday, tomorrow). Who knows, if a tPFer may be looking for a dog or cat to love, may be living in the Los Angeles area, then at least one of those poor, adorable-looking cats and dogs will be saved, fingers crossed

    I know this may seem like disrespecting you but please believe me when I say this post is posted with the best of intentions (and admittedly, in desperation).

    Perhaps you could let us use either this thread or kitskats/ thread to be a thread where we can alert the animal lovers here about condemned animals at shelters in the US.. I promise not to write about other causes (I’ve none myself – just animals!)

    Posted on pg 22 by chloehandbags on kitskats’ thread (btw the deadline – sad word – for the animals at the Paw Paw shelter has been extended to this Saturday, 1 July):


    Re: Pets in desperate need of homes by 6/24 - can you...??
    Here is the link to the LA shelter:


    5 PM ON THURSDAY JUNE 29th (tomorrow).

    The Lafayette shelter is very small (only 12 adoption kennels).

    Please also consider a darker coloured pet. Here is what the Lafayette shelter say about black Labs and other black animals (including kittens and cats);

    'At Roicy, black dogs, are very common and very, very difficult to get out. If not for rescue, few would survive at Roicy. They are always passed over, never even receiving a glance or pat on the head from the public.'

    The Internet can be used for good or for evil – I’ve seen it used for good on many occasions (probably the most outstanding one was when a Chelsea fan became a much-loved regular on the Official Liverpool Football Club messageboard and when he passed away in his midtwenties – without ever telling us he was so ill – Liverpool fans used the Internet (emails, posts on forums mostly) to raise enough money to donate two hospital beds in his name. RIP GooleBlue – he would have turned 28 on 26 June)

    So please spread the word around quickly about the animals on Death Row and if possible, adopt..

    Many thanks from a desperate never-got-off-her-butt-to-actually-volunteer-at-a-shelter

    PS Should anything happen to me (erm, I’m 50 as I’ve not been shy to admit so anything can happen, you never know), you lot have been great. It has been a pleasure giving suggestions to some of you about bags and jewelry that I've only seen online:biggrin:

  2. hi there passerby, i just pm'd you ... sorry for the late response.
  3. wait are you talking about two different kennels? do you have a link to the darker dogs?

  4. Yes, the other thread is primarily about the WV kennels, but I found these desperately in need pets, in this tiny, overwhelmed, LA kennel, while trying to help the others (who are still desperately in need, too; they only have until Saturday!!!).

    The dark furred pets, in the Lafayette shelter, can be found (amongst other coloured fur pets), in the Petfinder.com list; via the link, above. :yes:
  5. Bump - that is just so sad...:hrmm:
  6. Thanks, passerby, I just informed all my SoCal friends in case they want a pet or know someone who does.
  7. passerby, thank you so much for posting this as i've informed my friends too....this is very sad
  8. Piquedame, aarti, Intl Set, RachelA, Booyah and chloehandbags (can I call you CH?) - thanks for the responses. Chloehandbags' idea is brilliant - fostering! Piquedame, thanks for the useful advice via PM - can I copy & paste that in here as well as kitskats' thread? Not going to wait for an answer :biggrin: as (since you are also in S'pore) it's nearly 8 am here and I've to be at work in an hour (no posting from the office allowed).

    From piquedame:

    here is what limited advice i can give. in all my years in media i have realized that people respond most to what they SEE. i don't know if anyone in the forum has tried contacting local television stations in the area. am i right in understanding that this is hampshire county west virginia? your best bet in such a limited time is probably to get a local television news crew down there ASAP to do a story. if you can get the community and local schoolchildren involved, so much the better. maybe have schoolchildren appealing for help on behalf of the shelter.

    i looked up some local media outlets in the hampshire county and pawpaw city areas. i am pasting some media-related links that maybe nearby PFers can follow up on:

    1. West Virginia Public Broadcasting -- has a station, Channel 41, in Hampshire county; please try and contact this person and see if he can try and help you get in touch with a local reporter/news crew:

    Shawn Patterson
    Director of Communications
    Fax 304-556-4980
    2. if you scroll down this page, you will get a listing of television stations and other media entities, including newspapers, in West Virginia. Please ask nearby PFers if there are any on this list which are near the shelter, and try to trace them through the local phone directories.


    3. here is a web forum that appears to be for pawpaw city/west virginia -- perhaps it might be good to post here as well


    4. here is the contact info of an NBC affiliate in Maryland, which according to the dogster website is near Pawpaw:

    13 East Washington St.
    Hagerstown, MD 21740


    (301) 797-4400

    BY FAX:

    (301) 733-1735

    to be honest pb i have no idea if any of this info is current or useful but i hope at least one of these leads is useful. i will keep researching and will check in often. good thing i am in bed with the flu for the next few days and will have time to do this!


    Get well soon, piquedame!

    tPFers, please, if you have friends/contacts that you are in contact with regularly, and even those whom you might not have contacted for months but might be able to help, please forward emails to them.

    Many thanks!

  9. Hey everyone,

    Los Angeles resident passing through... these cats are in LOUISIANA, NOT Los Angeles! Hopefully someone from the correct area can help (and L.A. residents, there are plenty of animals here who need homes too!)
  10. Thanks, mariemist! I can't edit the title nor my post, hope one of the mods will help.
  11. hey everyone...just to let you guys know, there's another organization called Kitty Resq that rescues cats from being killed. I got a cat from them about 2 years ago and she was so cute! They actually met with me at a rest area on the nj turnpike to give me the kitty. I think they can meet with people who want to adopt. I ended up giving her away to my mom's friend whose cat just died.

  12. Thank you for posting this valuable link! :biggrin:
  13. hi passerby, thank you for letting me help in any way i can. i also found another list and posted it to the other thread; with any luck the owners of the stations can be contacted through the telephone book. i was thinking i might also look up some contacts for the LA shelter. let me get on that and i'll post in a few hours.
  14. No need to thank me or anyone else for that matter, we are all in this together. If there's anyone we should thank, it's kitskats for alerting us (I didn't know of Dogster or Catster's existence).

    Could a tPFer or anyone reading this who has access to the telephone book please post the numbers or call them. Much appreciated.

    Quoting from someone else on another forum:

    "I would also suggest that if you care about this issue, you get involved where you are. You can volunteer for a shelter, you can take them supplies, you can visit with and help socialize the animals, and perhaps best of all, you can open your home to a foster animal. I'm a foster parent, and it's very rewarding. [​IMG] I can't save them all, but I can save one at a time--and so can you."

    Look forward to hearing from you, piquedame (on a different matter, you mentioned sometime back about bags made by women in India - that sounded interesting, have you elaborated on it since? I would love to hear your stories, thanks)
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