17A/B So Black Reissue same as 16A?

  1. 18ED0ED2-08E1-4DD4-BB1A-1F22E47862FF.png Hi Ladies!

    So I have been under the impression that Chanel never repeats exact combos (leather, hardware, color, etc) for seasonal items. I just saw a photo of the so black chevron reissue from 17A or 17B (not sure which) in the stock thread and it looks the exact same as my chevron So Black reissue in distressed calfskin from 16A. Don’t get me wrong, this is my most favorite Chanel of my collection, and I think everyone should get one :P ...I was just surprised to see a repeat? Or is this a different leather?

    Photo attached from stock thread :smile:
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  2. Hi @traumamama !
    You asked the exact question I was just thinking when I saw the stock thread!!
    I have the 16A chevron so black like you in the 226 and it is my all time favourite. :loveeyes::loveeyes:
    The photo of the Fall Act II on the chanel website looks almost identical to the 16A. I even counted the number of chevron stripes and they are the same. The only difference I could perhaps see was the description?? 16A is distressed calfskin while the current 17/18 Fall collection one is aged calfskin? Not even sure what the difference is?

    Thanks for starting this thread as I'm just as curious to know! :hugs:
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  3. Hi!!!! Great minds think alike :hbeat:, don’t you just looooove this bag?!? It is my absolute favorite!!! I was on the fence between the 225 and 226, but I ended up getting the 225.

    And I thought aged and distressed calfskin were the same?! Lol, Karl and Chanel always teaching me something new! Hopefully will get some additional input from ladies who maybe have seen both in real life? I’m sooo curious to see how they are different!!
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  4. Haha I thought so too that aged and distressed calfskin were the same thing?? Yes inputs from the lovely ladies from tpf are always amazing! Perhaps the queen of so blacks @katiebal and @Plumeria233 might know? :happydance::wave::tup:
  5. Hello @Emerson and @traumamama :smile: I am with you both- I always thought aged calfskin and distressed calfskin were the same thing. I am puzzled too. Also, I agree about this new version looking exactly like the 16A version based on the photos. I am very surprised that they brought back this combo again so soon, but that 16A version was spectacular- it is one of my all time favorite bags too:heart:
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  6. Hi @katiebal!
    Yes I'm surprised too that the same combo is being repeated so soon! :wtf:
    If this current model is different in the leather material but looks the same as the 16A, would you consider adding this to your so black collection?
    Do you have the 16A in 226 or 225? ❤️

  7. My 16A is in the 226 size. I will probably pass on getting this version just since it would be like buying the same bag again, since it looks identical to 16A from the photos, even if the leather might be a little different. Unless it comes in the 224 size- then I might change my mind and get it. Are you going to be getting this new version?
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  8. I was considering getting it in the 227 actually, just to be able to carry more if needed. 226 is perfect though, both on the shoulder and crossbody. Aww the 224 must be sooooooo cute if it did come in that size!! Look forward to your reveal if you do end up getting it ! :hbeat:

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  9. Aged Calfskin is distressed Calfskin.
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  10. I agree completely! I have the 225, I’m not tempted to get this in a 226, but I would be tempted if it came in 224:P
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  11. Thanks for responding- That’s what I thought! I thought they were the same, but then I also thought Chanel “never” repeated seasonal combos, which is why I was confused:confused1:
  12. I too was confused when I saw it coming out and couldn't believe they'd repeat the 16A. I called Chanel on Madison Avenue and spoke to someone who told me the "Y" numbers in the style number of the 17K are different from16A so the leather or the paint on the hardware must be different. I have the 16A 225 and from the photos on the Chanel website it looks like the new 17K has a more distressed leather. I also spoke to someone at Bergdorf's who said the aged calf in the 17k is naturally a veiny leather and will be more distressed. We'll see when it comes out.
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  13. My BG SA who is getting the 226 for me described it as "crumpled calfskin", indicating I am sure that it will look more distressed. I am super excited to get it!
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  14. Anyone know if it is released at any Saks yet? I'm waiting for this bag as well!
  15. Does anyone know the price of this beauty?