179 dogs rescued from puppy mill in VA

  1. Horrible! I am glad they have been put out of business. I will never understand human cruelty.
  2. This is so tragic, it makes me cry.
  3. Frustrated, the puppy mill owner declared that if he couldn't find another puppy mill to buy the dogs, he'd "rather sell all the dogs at auction than see them go to animal rescuers."

    I hope he burns in hell.
  4. When we look at the cute little puppies in pet store windows, we must remember that this is where they come from. Though they pull at our heart strings and we want to buy one and save him, we're just perpetuating this cycle. No real "breeder" sells puppies to brokers and pet stores.
  5. I couldn't have said it better....I think the problem is that many people don't know this. Whenever I see people crowded around the windows at the mall pet shops I have to walk away quickly because I will either cry or start yelling :sad:
  6. Omg. that makes me so sad. My girl came from similar conditions:cry: I just can't understand why people do that. I hope each and every one of those dogs finds a good forever home. I'd be looking at them if my girl wasn't terrified of all dogs (she was overbred too poor baby).
  7. I am glad that it got shut down. I can't believe the owner didn't think that he was doing anything wrong. They should put his name in the article so everyone will know how much of a psyco he is.
  8. vbskull - his name is in an article in on of the ten pages on this story. Hopefully he will have some shame from this. According to him because he is a Christian he is used to being mistreated or something like this.

    This story makes me sick.

    Oh and I just found out if you are in Utah go visit the Best Friend's sanctuary I head it's open to the public.
  9. Unfortunately, this guy is just one of hundreds out there. They see dogs as $$$$, not as living, loving creatures.
  10. I feel so sad to see all these dogs. Although I am really happy to see this one being closed down, I know there are many more out there that are still untouched.

    My 7 yr old dog, Bhobho, came from a pet shop. But this doesn't mean that I support puppy mills, not at all. I was just a clueless, first time dog owner at that time. And I didnt do a good research then. I was lucky that Bhobho is healthy up until now (never gimme any real problem), coz I heard that sometimes dogs from pet shops came with questionable health. Unsurprising really, seeing the condition of the mills where most of these dogs came from.

    Now, I know that if I'm to get another dog, a reputable breeder is the way to go, no more pet shops.

    These ppl with puppy mills should be chained and be forced to procreate all year round, so they know what it's like for the animals!
  11. Ugh people like this make me sick. I hope all of the dogs find wonderful homes...poor things :sad:

    This is EXACTLY why you shouldn't buy from pet stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. That's disgusting. He'd rather see them go to auction where testing labs, or god knows what, can purchase them than to rescues? What a disgusting sorry excuse for a human animal.


    I grew up with "How much is that doggy in the window". Little did we know what that doggy represents. They're just products to PMs and when we buy these dogs, they just crank more out to fill inventory. If the mom is too old or ill to produce, they're thrown away like a worn shoe since they have no life left to support their business. I wish the media would attack this issue and get as much attention as britney's next latte purchase....or most importantly, pet shops, an establishment people have access and a familiarity to. There are so many people who don't know where that cute dog in the pet shop window comes from and sees puppymill segements as foreign to anything they would be involved with.
  13. Sarah, please don't be offended by this but supporting a puppy mill is exactly what you did. They thrive off of "clueless, first timers who have done no research." Thank goodness your pet is healthy and you learned about this horrible industry but without buyers, there would be no industry. Again, I know you made a mistake, we all do, I just want us to take responsibility for our actions and then, just spread the word. The only way to put these folks out of business, (and it is big business...$900 for a chihuahua but I digress) is to stop buying what they're selling.
  14. "Best Friends joined other rescue organizations and lobbied local officials for higher standards on puppy mill facilities. As a result, officials rejected the breeder’s bid to rebuild and stay in operation"

    It sounds like VA is very supportive of puppy mills seeing as they seem to have "standards" for them. Imagine having to ARGUE with the state to close a puppy mill... not just because of what it is... but because of a mass killing in a fire, no running water, no electricity... and still argue with them!! Good lord. :sad: