16C small boy in green patent...should I keep it?

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  1. Hi all! I just got the 16C small boy in green patent yesterday and it was love at first sight. This is the first boy that I own and I always prefer the look of size small on my frame.

    But I am having second thoughts now after reading so many negative comments last night regarding patent leather.

    Should I keep this boy or no? I can only get store credit if I return it...and maybe use that credit to buy the new prefall caviar boy in red?

    What do you guys think? TIA!

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  2. Hi!

    I don't know anything about Chanel patent leathers so I can't comment on longevity of the leather or stuff like that..

    But I do want to comment on the green color. Is it neon? It looks so very striking. Honestly if you ask me which I prefer, that neon or a red caviar (I heard it's a "new" softer caviar).. then I would get a red caviar. Just my two cents.
  3. I have had a patent boy and LOVED the colour. Ultimately I sold it because it was such a statement bag and hardware that I found it didn't always go with my wardrobe. Plus over time I think I outgrew the blingy factor and wanted something more low key that felt more me and would therefore be more versatile. Also even though I was super careful with it, it still got scratches and light wear. Too delicate for me long term. Amazing for short term. Switched to caviar boy instead and in two months have worn it more than the two years that I had the patent.

    I say being its your first go with a boy that's more versatile. If it was like your fourth bag or so then I get the appeal of adding a pop to the collection. Ultimately go with what your gut tells you but if you are semi doubting now it may be for a reason?
  4. If you love the bag and are willing to give it the extra TLC it needs to avoid issues with the patent finish, I think you should keep it!
  5. color transfer issues aside, imo, this green shade isn't something i would wear, say, in 5 yrs or a decade (i've decided to buy only bags that can withstand trends or age) but that's just me..if you're unsure about keeping, maybe u have similar doubts..
  6. I've seen the new red caviar. It's beautiful, and agree with what you've heard about it being a "softer" red.

    I tried it on with clothes that didn't really match at all, and it still looked great together. I think this might be tough to wear but the red caviar is much more versatile.
  7. i would return it and go for the red one...much more classic.
  8. +1

    this color has no longevity as a classic and the patent... two strikes. but... we all will do what we want and that's ok, too:smile:
  9. We all have different taste and preference. If you truly love it, then keep it. Personally, I always feel patent leather looks shiny and cheap, not worth it.
  10. :tup:
  11. So first of all I LOVE the neon green and am looking for a neon green bag in about that size to go with navy clothes (it's an awesome combo).

    However, personally for Chanel I tend to lean toward more versatile timeless options.

    Perhaps Chanel in red or other more versatile colors in non-patent, and get a non-Chanel in that beautiful green for fun? :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone...I think I am going to return it tomorrow for store credit and wait for the new caviar boy to be launched here : )
  13. It's a beautiful color but for me I prefer safer colors from Chanel that will last a lifetime! Perhaps return since I hear the hesitation in your voice and get something more classic for your first Chanel
  14. I love Chanel patent. Completely love it! But, not a fan of the neon green. I would say either a parent in a more versatile color or the red caviar!!
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  15. Dear friends...thank...exchanged the bag today...decided not to wait for the new red caviar boy and got something else. Will do a reveal later! : ) : )