16C blue CF, which size would be better?


Jul 11, 2015
After months of trying to decide on the perfect blue chanel to add to my collection (between what kind of bag, to hardware color, to quilted or chevron, and even buying one and having to return it), I've finally decided on trying to track down a 16c blue caviar flap. What I need to decide on now is size, m/l or jumbo?? I have black and beige flaps in jumbo and my pop of color flaps in m/l; but something about this blue... I think I might want it in jumbo instead. If anyone has this bag in this color could share their thoughts on what swayed them towards one size or the other, or anyone with an opinion on which they think would be better, I would greatly appreciate it. Mod shots would be even better =) Thank you so much in advance
Feb 1, 2014
I have square mini, lambskin with silver hardware. It's an absolute gorgeous color. I received so many compliments on this bag...unbelievable! Since, it is a very rich color, I decided to stick with the mini size. Still stands out with any outfit! This is the one picture I have access to right now.



Apr 6, 2016
New York
I got the rectangle mini and it's a perfect pop of color. I would most likely lean towards the m/l size. The jumbo might be a little too bright. I would love to get the m/l size. Drool.



I have a picture of the m/l from Chanel store.


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Jun 28, 2015
Personally I find the difference/choice between M/L vs. Jumbo a body proportion and shape decision. Practicality of their capacity aside, I think which size look better on certain person depends on heigh, shape and proportion of their body (eg. Long/short torso). I think that with a bright color that draws attention, you should choose the size that you find complements your body shape the most.

Looking at pics around of many women tat own both sizes, myself included, although many can rock both and look good, it's almost always clear that 1 of the 2 just look way better on that particular person because it simply complements better.