1. and there are lots of people with lesportsac bags!! i am enjoying it here. 
  2. I noticed that when I was over there too. TONS of LeSportsac (and LV) but barely any tokidoki when I was there.
  3. Enjoy your vaca...I'm so jealous!
  4. Yeah. In Asia, Lesportsac is really really popular. That and coach and LV.
  5. Where in Japan are you? Have fun!! I'm hoping to visit Tokyo next year, one of my best friends lives there and has said I'd go crazy for all of the great shopping.
  6. ? All I see are squares...is it in another language?
  7. It's in English, but a wide font. Maybe your PC can't read the font?

    Have fun in Japan i :heart: tokidoki!!!
  8. wow, thats odd all right...guess not. O__O
  9. I was going to ask the same thing! I see squares too. :wacko:
  10. the font only works for others if they have it installed on their computer, but luckily for me i can read it.
  11. humm... maybe that's why at work it was in a wide font and now I can only see it non-spaced out on my desktop


    instead of

    l i k e t h i s
  12. heh, at least u can see stuff..i see boxes. oh well.
  13. haha i see boxes too jessaka :lol:

    idk i gotta enable my language thingie??
  14. lol I really don't kno anything about comp languages... anyhoo it only says

    "Im in Japan" as the title and "and there  are  lots  of  people  with  lesportsac  bags!!  i  am  enjoying  it  here."
  15. LMFAO I don't even get at title hahaaahahahah. But yeah Iknow about the different font thing. I have some different fonts installed on my comp that I got from dafont website but yeahh ahhahaha I dont mess with other fonts now cuz simply i dont care lolz.

    yay celia, we can be cool together haha.