$160 for a brown/pink CB Cles?

  1. I submitted a Best Offer of $160 on a brown/pink CB Cles on ebay... at first the seller declined, but today she sent me a message through ebay today asking if I still wanted it for $160. It has a bit of a patina (which looks nice to me!), and the canvas is in good condition with no rubbing on the blossoms.

    It would be a nice little buddy for my brown/pink CB pochette :yahoo: Should I go for it?
  2. you should totally go for it! since it's discontinued, i don't know where else you'd get it for that price... :yes:
  3. its a great deal!
  4. I've had 2 of them and sold them both, only because you can't fit a lot in them, so they aren't that practical for me, but that being said I will probably buy another one in the future,lol. For that price, I'd definately go for it. You are the CBD queen after all!!! lol
  5. That's a good deal for a CB cles, I think you should totally get it :yes:
  6. Pretty good price, go for it ! :yes:
  7. I'd love to get it for that price..go for it!
  8. I say go for it...what a great deal!!
  9. I'd say get it. You know you can resell it for way more..
  10. For that price, you should take it. They are pretty hard to come by nowadays. Good luck!
  11. get it!!! =D
  12. Go for it :smile:
  13. i vote YES!!!
  14. Yes!!! [​IMG]
  15. Get it.