16 year old tPF newbie :)

  1. good afternoon, everyone! i couldn't be more excited to introduce myself to all of you brilliant tPFers. i have been browsing around this addictive forum for quite some time, and i finally thought to myself "what am i doing? i should just join already!" haha. so i finally did! first let me start off by saying that i am more than impressed with you all. you are so incredibly knowlegdeable and friendly and willing to help one another out. i absolutely love it.

    anyway, let me tell you a little bit about myself. my name is cody and i am a sixteen year old girl from sarasota, florida and i will be a junior this upcoming school year (high school). i have been passionate about high fashion for as long as i can remember. i have very expensive taste, which can be extremely frustrating at times haha. while most people my age are stocking up on clothing from american eagle, i can't help but be thoroughly in love with Saks, bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus.

    i just recently purchased my first louis vuitton bag (mono speedy 30) after much research and it was an incredible experience. i stepped in the lv boutique at the tampa international mall and i almost got tears in my eyes. hahah. i know, i'm a dork. anyway, i live and breathe high fashion and i'm proud of it. i'm so unbelievably excited to share my love for lv with all of you. finally people that understand my addiction. lol

    i hope you all have a wonderful day! thanks for reading this. sorry it was kind of long.


    sorry if the pic is waaay big.
  2. Hello, welcome to The purse forum, Im also 16 but male :flowers:
  3. Welcome Cody! You're starting young but you will have a bag that will last you a lifetime. And good taste is always in fashion.
  4. Welcome! I'm pretty new here too.
    You go girl!!!! Put that interest in fashion to good use....maybe you can make a career of it someday. Fashion school was an incredible experience for me!
  5. Welcome and congrats on the fab speedy 30!
  6. Hi Welcome to TPF I hope you have a wonderful time here but please be warned it's bad for your purse LOL!
  7. Welcome...Congrats on your bag. You will love it.
  8. Welcome, and congratulations on your beautiful new bag!
  9. Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of tpf!!
  10. congrats, what a perfect purchase.
  11. Welcome Cody:flowers:
  12. Congrats from an other 17 LV lover, enjoy your Speedy, it's THE bag to have !!!
  13. I'm also sixteen almost seventeen, welcome!:yahoo:
  14. Welcome! You're gonna love your Speedy, I think its the bag I use the most!
  15. Welcome and congrats on your Speedy. I lurked for a while too before I decided to jump in and get more involved. :smile: Glad to have you here!