16-Year-Old Gives Birth to Second Set of Triplets

  1. Holy Moly!


  2. Wtf?!!? :wtf:
  3. 7 kids at the age of 16, just sounds ridiculous. She could go on to have a world record number of children...
  4. I was reading that the government gave the family some more land, and now with the second set, they will be asking for more. I wonder what the locals think about this
  5. She's 16 and has SEVEN children?!?! WTF, that's insane!
  6. Yikes! She is way too young to be having kids.
  7. WTF!!! she needs to keep those legs closed...She is to young to have 7 kids.

  8. They're demanding benefits from the country...as if she's the only one giving birth to children in the entire country.:rolleyes: And as long as the government keeps giving the family land and money, she'll keep on getting pregnant.:push:
  9. I agree with ALL the comments in this thread. :yes:

    I'm 15, going on 16, and I want to go to college LOL... kids aren't even a TINY thought right now...it's nonexistent!
  10. O my god!! Good luck to her and her family!
  11. I'm all for freedom to have as many children as a person wishes... IF they don't demand state benefits. This is foolish and presumptuous on the part of the family. They should have been happy with what they had already been given and slipped birth control into that girl's morning orange juice.
  12. Thats disgusting:yucky:
  13. Oh dear, ever heard of birth-control or maybe abstinence??
  14. She's one of 8 kids herself, gotta love the Catholic church and its views on contraception!
  15. ughh so irresponsible. I hope the govt doesn't give her any more assistance. It's like here in the US.. People will keep popping more and more kids as long as the govt gives them money.