16 Children and 1 on the way!!!!

  1. People in the US may already know about this family - The Duggars. Apparently, they are soon to be America's Biggest Family.

    They already have 16 children and are expecting another at the end of July.

    Michelle is 40 years old and has spent 11 years of her life being pregnant. She has changed 90,000 nappies and does 200 washes a month.

    The children all have names beginning with the letter 'J' - they are:-

    Joshua, 19
    Twins Jana and John-David, 17
    Jill, 16
    Jessa, 14
    Jinger, 13
    Joseph, 12
    Josia, 10
    Joy-Anna, 9
    Twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah, 8
    Jason, 7
    James, 5
    Justin, 4
    Jackson, 3 and
    Johannah, 20 months.

    They decided to throw away their contraception and "trust in god". Michelle has said that "if we are blessed with an 18th child then I'll be happy. Each of my children is a gift from God and if he wants to bestow another one on me then I will be more than happy."
  2. I think i would rather trust in the pill.
  3. Bloody hell, sex with her must be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

    I love this macro that someone made of the family:
  4. You have to wonder if she REALLY wants all of those kids.
    Ive seen their show. Its a little bit outrageous to me. I've never understood the families that make their girls wear knee length(or longer) dresses 24/7(including my cousin that makes her 2 girls do that!).
    Weird people IMHO....
  5. BTW...does she have all of her kids naturally too?
    Her 'va jay jay' must be...ewwwwww.



    Hey, my 600th post. Imagine that, what is it.
  7. Crazy people!!

  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Owwww :wtf:
  10. I read about this in People. At first I thought to myself this is completely unnecessary -- no one should have that many kids. But on the flip side, they can obviously afford to have that many kids, so more power to them. I draw the line where people have more than they can realistically afford.
  11. I'm amazed at how well behaved these children are, from what little I've seen of them. If they have a method to their madness, then all power to them.

    But I feel for the mother and the older children, where is the outside help?? When does she get time to wind down? Someone should take her handbag shopping!!! It's like she's known no other life except for God, procreation and child-rearing.
  12. :wtf:
  13. Christ!
  14. Yees, excellent. In an overpopulated world in which people are starving to death in the millions, let's breed like bunnies!


    ... a wonderful thing, use it.
  15. cripes, jillybean, that's just too darned funny.

    i've watched their program on cable and visited their site. I guess more power to them, but they are using a lot of resources. Just because you can have a lot of kids, I don't know how socially and environmentally responsible it is to do so.